David Laribee's Leading Lean/Agile Teams

Topics covered at ARCHITECT-01-02

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In this two day workshop, attendees will be introduced to a series of collaborative practices that ensure user-centred products, lightweight, useful processes and technical excellence. This course is appropriate for developers, technical leads, architects and coaches.

Successful product teams need a generalist who can help teams come together and perform - a leader who can bring a holistic toolkit to the whole team, customer and programmer alike.

Learn how to:

  • Build a real team, not just a collection of co-workers
  • Coach people towards involvement and creativity
  • Center your product directly on your intended users
  • Define just enough process and improve over time
  • Select practices that deliver the most value

What the community says

"Excellent trainer with a lot of practical experience and ideas"

Katharina Duncan, Yell on 29th Nov 2010

"Good techniques. Lots of exercises - very good experience to take away."

Sean Witter on 30th Sep 2010

"Excellent content and pace of course."

Bryan McCarthy, Development Team Lead, Equisys plc on 30th Sep 2010

"The course was exactly what I expected and wanted. Great value. David is an excellent presenter and the material & hands-on exercises made for a valuable two days. Would recommend it."

Course Delegate on 1st Dec 2009

"The course did a good job of covering various topics around the agile way of doing things and put it in perspective."

Course Delegate on 1st Dec 2009

About the Author

David Laribee

David Laribee has trucked in software for over 15 years. He favors collaboration, design thinking, simple, domain-driven design paired with low ceremony process, tools and platforms.

Lead the People

  • Team Values, Roles and Rights
  • Personal Coaching Techniques
  • Increasing Involvement with Retrospectives
  • Team Mental Models

Lead the Product

  • Product Vision and Chartering
  • Building a Backlog
  • User Experience Fundamentals
  • Collaborative Design
  • Managing and Repaying Technical Debt
  • The Importance of Architecture

Lead the Process

  • Essential eXtreme Programming
  • Implementing Kanban
  • Release-per-feature and Concurrent Releases
  • Retrospectives vs. Stop-the-line

Lead the Practice

  • Introducing Practices, Getting Buy-in
  • User Stories and Acceptance Testing with BDD
  • Domain-Driven Design and Continuous Modeling


If you are an aspiring or existing technical lead, senior developer, coach or architect, and you want to learn actionable techniques and tools for leading your team toward greater throughput and technical excellence, this is the course for you!


Attendees to this course should have a basic understanding of agile to gain the maximum benefit from this course. In addition experience of working in a team context would be a distinct advantage.