Linda Rising's Fearless Change - Patterns for Introducing New Ideas

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This Fearless Change course offers proven change management strategies to help you become a more successful agent of change in your organization.

We attend conferences or read books and articles, discover new ideas we want to bring into our organizations, but we often struggle when trying to implement those changes. Unfortunately, those introducing change are not always welcomed with open arms.

In this Fearless Change seminar, Linda Rising shows you how the lessons from her book, Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas, can help you to succeed.

You will receive a copy of this book during the seminar.

Learn how to:

  • Plant effective seeds of change
  • Overcome adversity to change
  • Recognise what forces in your organization drive or block change

In addition to using these approaches to change your organization, you can use them to become a more effective person.

About the Author

Linda Rising

With a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in the field of object-based design metrics, Linda Rising’s background includes university teaching and industry work in telecommunications, avionics, and tactical weapons systems.


During the highly interactive morning session of this workshop, you will take part in a range of role-play based activities to help you to learn how to implement Linda's patterns for driving and sustaining change in your organisation. Linda provides the scripts but improv is allowed and actively encouraged! Linda guides the activities by explaining throughout which patterns are being used and why and facilitates a Q&A session.


Linda will facilitate a brainstorming session where you will discuss your own and other delegates' 'real' change problems currently being faced in your own organisation. Linda will select one or two of these problems to be used as case studies and worked on in small groups. Each group will then present their recommendations for the problem they considered and we will involve everyone in discussion.

Wrap Up:

Linda wraps up the workshop with a close look at how these patterns can be applied to change at a personal level. The patterns are the same and they work when applied to ourselves.


Are you a C-level executive?

Are you an agent of change in your organisation?

Would like to learn how to be successful leader?

This Fearless Change course by Linda Rising is for you!


There are no specific prerequisite skills required to attend this Fearless Change course. However it would be an advantage if you have actually tried to lead change in your organisation.