David Pollak's Fast Track to Lift

Topics covered at LIFT-01-01

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This Fast Track to Lift course by David Pollak (creator of Lift), taught by Franz Bettag, introduces Scala developers to the Lift Web Framework. You will learn how to create dynamic, interactive, secure web sites using Lift.

This course covers creating a basic Lift project, dynamic content with Snippets, site navigation and access control via SiteMap, forms including multi-page Wizards, and creating real-time, scalable sites with Lift's Comet support.

Upon completion of this Lift course, you will be able to create secure, dynamic Lift based sites. Franz will take student questions, write live code, and tailor the day to the needs of the students.

Learn how to:

In this Lift course you will gain an understanding of Lift's core features. Come along and learn

  • How to create, configure and build a Lift application
  • About Lift's View-First architecture and how it allows for creating interactive web sites.
  • Lift's security model which allows the developer to get things right by default.
  • How to use Lift's Wiring and Comet support to create an amazingly interactive web site.

About the Author

David Pollak

David Pollak is a long time Scala dude, interested in Functional Programming, Scala, Clojure and making things better.

Lift Basics

  • Setting up, building and updating your application
  • Booting your app: configuration in code
  • LiftRules: run-time parameters
  • View-First: the view defines the page
  • Snippets: transforming the template to dynamic content
  • Menus, SiteMap and access control


  • Basic HTML-style forms
  • Secure forms
  • Stateful forms
  • Screen & Wizard: declarative forms with validation
  • Ajax forms
  • Wizard and Ajax
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Wiring: declare the relationships and Lift does the updates
  • Ajax and Comet (server push) made easy
  • Building a multi-user shopping cart

REST/Web Services

  • Lift's declarative REST support
  • Using Scala's pattern matching to define REST routes


If you build web sites for sports betting or real-time financial trading then this course is ideal for you.

The hands-on and interactive style will allow you to take the course in the direction that best suits your needs. Everyone will be expected to code and the finished code samples will be available after the course.


To benefit from this Lift course, you will need intermediate web development skills (HTML, Html5, CSS, Ajax, HTTP) prior to attending.

If you are coming from a Scala background - you should also have attended Typesafe's Fast Track to Scala course or have the equivalent skills or you have read chapters 1-6 of David Pollak's Beginning Scala.

If you come from a Java background, you should have solid Java programming experience prior to attending. If you are coming from a Java background you will need intermediate Java skills.

Bring your own hardware

Delegates are requested to bring their own laptop for this course. If you are unable to bring a laptop for the course, please contact us on +44 20 7183 9040, or email us.

A full installation guide for the course software will be provided with your course joining instructions.