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Topics covered at ADV-SCALA-01-02
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Would you like to unleash the full power of Scala by learning Scala's advanced features? Find out how to how to apply these and create well designed libraries or DSLs using proven practices? Join this 2-day Advanced Scala course with a Typesafe experts, and learn topics like advanced functional programming, details of the type system, implicits, and more!

Learn how to:

  • Explain all aspects of the object-functional approach
  • Apply advanced features of Scala's type system
  • Use implicit and type classes
  • Create libraries and DSLs with Scala

About the Expert

Trond Bjerkestrand

Trond is an Akka and Scala trainer and consultant at Typesafe with extensive knowledge of the Java development environment and deploying highly scalable applications. He is also the co-founder of SpendChart.no, a personal finance management site built to scale easily using Scala, lift, sbt, scalaquery and scalatest. Before founding SpendChart Trond worked as a Java consultant at Accenture.

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  • Object-functional programming in depth
  • Mastering the type system
  • Explicitly implicit
  • Internal DSLs
  • Custom Scala collection


If you are a developer with at least 3 months Scala programming experience and you would like to learn various advanced features of this programming language and how to apply these to create well designed libraries or DSLs using proven practices, Typesafe's Advanced Scala is for you!


To benefit from this Advanced Scala course, you'll need to have have at least 3 months programming experience with Scala prior to attending this course. To fully understand the various advanced features covered in this course, you'll need to feel comfortable to Scala in your applications, before attending.

If you do not meet this prerequisite, we recommend you attend Typesafe's Fast Track to Scala course instead.

Bring your own hardware

You are requested to bring your own laptop for this Advanced Scala course, with Java 6 installed. A full installation guide for the course software will be provided with your course joining instructions.

If you are unable to bring a laptop for the course, please contact the Skills Matter Team on +44 20 7183 9040, or email the our team and we'll help you with an alternative solution.