Lightbend's Fast Track to Play with Scala

Topics covered at PLAY-01-02

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Would you like to learn how to build reactive, scalable web applications with the Play Framework and Scala? Join this Play with Scala course and learn the design-patterns and methodology essential to do just that!

In this Scala with Play course, you'll gain the skills you need to build fully fledged web applications using Play, applying best practices.

An introduction to Slick, a type-safe and modern database query and access library for Scala is also part of agenda.

This hands-on Play with Scala course, will get you involved in successive exercises, each building upon prior lessons learned, that will enable you to have produced a fully functional application by the end of this course.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the confidence to use Scala and Play applications in production!

Learn how to:

After having participated in this course you should:

  • Know how to build fully fledged web applications using Play
  • Know best practices for developing web applications using Play
  • Be confident to start using Scala and Play applications in production

What the community says

"Quite a comprehensive introduction to Scala, which is not dry thanks to the more than appropriate exercises for each topic."

Nik Rahnel on 9th Dec 2015

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  • What is Play?
  • Why should I use it?

Play Basics

  • Anatomy of Play
  • Overview of Play components
  • Build system


  • HTTP body parser
  • Handling form data
  • Validation


  • Testing
    • Testing ecosystem
    • Writing integration tests

Managing assets

  • Manage static assets with sbt-web
  • Auto-generate CSS and JS files from Less, CoffeeScript, etc.
  • Asset fingerprinting

Session handling

  • Add and remove values from the session
  • Authentication helper

Web services and JSON

  • Send and retrieve HTTP requests
  • Handling JSON

Asynchronous Programming

  • Overview Futures
  • Future composition
  • Asynchronous end-to-end applications


If you are a developer and interested in the Play framework and you want to consolidate your Scala skills then this Fast Track to Play course is for you!


Code examples and exercises will be written in Scala, so a basic knowledge of Scala as covered in our "Fast Track to Scala" course is required, as is experience with HTML and JavaScript.

Bring your own hardware

To benefit from this Scala with Play course, you are advised to bring your own laptop to this course. This way, you can learn how to develop within your own environment.

Personal laptops will need at least Java 6 or higher installed. A full installation guide for the course software will be provided with your course joining instructions.

If you are unable to bring a laptop for this course, please contact the Skills Matter team at least a few days prior to the course, so that we can prepare a laptop for you to use at the course. You can contact us on on +44 20 7183 9040, or by email.