Eric Evans' DDD Fast Track for Developers

Topics covered at DDD-FOUNDATIONS-01-02

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Are you interested in learning how to apply Domain Driven Design patterns within your business practice? Do you want to a hands on course where you are active in the learning process? Than Eric Evans' DDD Fast Track is the right course for you!

Eric Evans' DDD Fast Track for Developers course will show you how to apply DDD building block patterns to the creation and refinement of practical software based on conceptual domain models.

At the same time, you will learn a new vocabulary of design that can help you collaborate with other DDD developers and techniques for working with the non-technical business experts.

This is a very hands-on course in which you will be pair programming and actively involved in group exercises.

Learn how to:

  • Structure domain models that solve important, difficult business problems at scale
  • Design and implement objects that cleanly express domain models via a ubiquitous language
  • Apply DDD "Building Blocks" for crisply executing designs based on business concepts
  • Collaborate with non-technical business experts to systematically explore a business domain and create models together
  • Maintain the boundaries of a subsystem and adjust your style of design to the part of the system you are working in.

About the Author

Eric Evans

Eric Evans, author of Domain-driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software is a thought leader in software design, domain driven design and domain modeling and particularly focuses on strategic design.

DDD Building Blocks and Ubiquitous Language

  • What is DDD and how can models provide real value?
  • Patterns for structuring models.
  • Coding exercise: Explicitly expressing a model in code. (Transform some really ugly code into explicit expressions in the ubiquitous language.)
  • Collaborating with non-technical business to explore deep models of the domain.

Boundaries and Interactions

  • Maintaining the context boundaries around your subsystems that allow you to keep your design clean
  • Shifting your design and coding style depending on the context you are in
  • Bringing precision and rigor to your models with assertions.
  • Crafting a supple design


If you are a Programmer, Software Developer, Tester, Business Analyst or Software Architect that wants to learn the foundations of DDD then this course is for you!


To get the most out of Eric Evans' DDD Foundations course, you should have basic knowledge of object modeling and design.