Masterclass: Reducing Technical Debt with Michael C. Feathers

Topics covered at TECHNICAL-DEBT-01-02

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Want to get more out of your legacy systems: more performance, functionality, reliability, and manageability?

Learn how Technical Debt is a catch-all term that we use for entropy in software development.

Systems grow, become unruly, and difficult to work with. When this happens, we often know that we can do better, but it is hard to take concrete actions which help us get a strong a sense of control over the evolution of an entire code base.

This course contains material beyond what Michael outlined in his classic book Working Effectively in Legacy Code and is more focused on large scale change.

Learn how to:

  • Identify various types of technical debt
  • Assess the amount of technical debt in your codebase
  • Develop design plans for large-scale refactoring and debt mitigation
  • Alter team and organizational process to make refactoring a first-class practice

What the community says

"Although I am not a developer (tester by trade), this course gave me an excellent insight to the dev point of view - particularly around regression touchpoints and efficient best practice. Very helpful!"

Paul Douglas, News UK on 2nd Jul 2014

"I learnt some good tricks - thanks!"

Jem Marsh, News UK on 2nd Jul 2014

About the Author

Michael C. Feathers

Michael Feathers is the founder and Director of R7K Research & Conveyance, a company specializing in software and organization design.

During this two-day Masterclass, Michael will outline what he has learned about managing change in large code bases over time.

Topics covered include:

  • A Pragmatic Definition of Technical Debt
  • Design Decision Cards
  • Feature Probes
  • Scratch Refactoring
  • Design Direction Tagging
  • Limited WIP Refactoring
  • Design Quality Trend Analysis
  • Systematic Refactoring/Rewriting


This class is aimed at experienced developers involved in projects with code that is difficult to understand or change.


There are no formal prerequisites to attend this class except an interest in learning how to deal with your technical debt!

Bring your own hardware

Delegates are requested to bring their own laptop to this course with a Text Editor (similar to TextMate, vi, or emacs).

If you are unable to bring a laptop for the course, please call us on +44 207 183 9040 or email us.

A full installation guide for the course software will be provided with your joining instructions.