Eric Evans' DDD Strategy for Software Leaders

Topics covered at STRATEGIC-DESIGN-01-02

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Are you leading a multi-team development project? Are you interested in understanding how design decisions effect the entire project? Eric Evans' DDD Strategy for Software Leaders is right for you! Join this two day course to get a better view of the Big Picture.

Some design decisions have an impact on the trajectory of the whole project. Modeling is most needed in complex circumstances, yet the typical dynamics of large projects too often derail it or disconnect it from the real design. This course delves into principles for clarifying the big picture, getting effort focused on the core, and coordinating multi-team development.

Learn how to:

  • Get a big-picture of multi-team development as it pertains to design success.
  • Focus talent and resources where they will pay off most
  • Make most effective use of off-the-shelf components in a mixture with in-house development.
  • Manage diverse styles of design, development process and quality within a large system, and still maintain the ability to innovate around your core domain.
  • Develop multiple strategies for setting up a fresh project that can break with the past, even when the organization is tied to legacy systems.

About the Author

Eric Evans

Eric Evans, author of Domain-driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software is a thought leader in software design, domain driven design and domain modeling and particularly focuses on strategic design.

Context Mapping

  • Pragmatic approach to dealing with diverse models and designs on real projects
  • Relationships between subsystems/ relationships between teams

Distilling the Core Domain

  • Aligning software strategy with business strategy
  • Distinguishing the differentiators from the mass of requirements
  • Clarifying a shared vision
  • Setting up a project for success

Enabling innovation

  • Enabling innovation even when you rely heavily on legacy systems
  • Devising Strategies


If you are an IT Leader including CTO, Director of Engineering, Software Strategist, Project Manager, Development Manager, Enterprise Architect, Software Architect, Senior Developer and Development Lead then this course is for you!


You should have experience with large systems multi-team development