Jenny Martin's BDD From Start to Finish - Successful Delivery through Continuous Collaboration

Topics covered at BDD-FASTTRACK-01-03
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This highly participatory 3 day workshop equips you with a toolkit to help align teams towards the quickest path to value and accelerate iterative delivery through more effective collaboration. Drawing on collaborative techniques from Lean, BDD and Specification by Example (as well as some new ones), you will gain a hands-on understanding of how to leverage examples to guide conversations and drive development throughout the life-cycle of a project and beyond, from ideas to living documentation, from analysis to Dev.

Most problems that teams face are about communication, and all the others are too - Dan North

Learn how to:

  • Align business and technical teams towards the same vision
  • Identify the quickest path to value
  • Speed up the feedback loop
  • Maximize opportunities for feedback and learning
  • Bridge the gap between delivery and technical teams
  • Maximize the effectiveness of all disciplines within a cross-functional team
  • Remove wastage from development processes
  • Remove opportunities for misunderstanding
  • Maximize usefulness of outputs
  • Encourage good code design aligned with business needs
  • Create a flexible code base that supports making changes quickly and safely
  • Benefit from these techniques in any organization - whether Agile, Waterfall, V-Model

  • What the community says

    "Excellent! Great! love Jenny!"

    Dennie , DDSoft on 26th Jun 2019

    "Very nice instructor - super helpful in explaining concepts I was unfamiliar with."

    Attendee, M&G

    "Instructor has a good knowledge of the topic and kept the classroom engaged for 3 days. The course was very interactive and resourceful."

    Attendee, Department for Work and Pensions

    "Lots of examples and group activities. This increased discussion and understanding of each topic. The materials were extremely useful. The tools used and methods discussed are a definite takeaway!"

    Philip, Department for Work and Pensions

    "Jenny was great. Really knew her stuff."

    Harrison, M&G

    About the Author

    Jenny Martin

    Jenny Martin coaches in Agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation gaming. She has a deep appreciation for business goal segmentation and the visualization of what she labels ‘horizons of value’ within business strategy.


    Day 1: Aligning to One Vision and Planning to Learn

    • Introduction
    • Where we are now & Agile pitfalls (group activity)
    • Accelerating the feedback loop
      • Lean Startup background, Build, Measure, Learn.
      • The Feedback Onion

    • Planning to Learn
      • Lean Analytics & One Metric that Matters (group activity)
      • Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas
    • No Estimates & Flexible Scope
      • Deriving Scope from Goals
      • Enabling the paradigm shift from IT as a cost to an investment
      • Defining good measures
      • Planning your first milestone
    • Impact Mapping
      • Benefits
      • Detailed walk through of the impact mapping technique with hands on exercises and project case study

    Day 2: BDD Discovery & Cutting off the leanest slice

    • Before we begin - Talking the Same Language
      • Background of BDD, DDD, TDD, Ubiquitous Language
    • Doing the right amount of analysis
      • Do we still need analysis? Group discussion
      • Design Thinking & asteroids
    • Release planning and where to start - techniques
      • Story Mapping
      • Dream Demo (group activity)
    • The Power of Examples
      • OOPSI Mapping
      • Using examples to drive conversations with different audiences
      • Benefits of examples versus traditional requirements (activity)
      • Examples vs. Stories vs. Tests vs. Rules
      • What makes a good example?
      • Keeping it Real (exercise)

    Day 3 - BDD Delivery in practice

    • The What - Specification by Example
      • Techniques (group activity)
      • Process patterns – what makes a good SBE?
      • Using Data Personas (group activity)
    • The How – The joined up BDD team
      • Iterative versus incremental delivery
      • Why Collaborate?
      • Starting small with incremental examples (activity)
      • Continuous Acceptance - A look at team roles and interactions
    • Enabling good design & testability with Test-Driven Development
      • Test Automation
      • Automation pitfalls
      • The Test automation pyramid
      • Executable specifications - exploration of approaches
    • Beyond Projects & Continuous Delivery
      • Examples at the foundation of a living documentation system (activity)
      • BDD and DevOps
      • How does this work in my organisation? (group discussion)



    This course is great for any of the following: Project Managers, Test Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, BAs, Testers, Developers, Architects, DevOps teams.


    Bring your own hardware

    Laptops are not needed for this course.