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Are you ready to learn how to design and build microservices with RESTful APIs? Join Jim Webber for his comprehensive 3-day course at the leading edge of REST and Microservices and learn how to design and build microservices with RESTful APIs through examples in code, live demos and design challenges, together with lively discussion to help mature our thinking on what makes a competent microservices ecosystem.

Learn how to:

  • Explore the software delivery lifecycle of a service
  • Identify microservice roles and boundaries
  • Design microservice APIs
  • Operate and monitor a system of services
  • Use software project management strategy
  • Create a road-map for architectural ownership

What the community says

"Jim is the web God :)"

Mohamed Amine Ben Asker

"Entertaining and informative."

Rupert Hulme, Starlizard

About the Author

Jim Webber

Dr. Jim Webber is Chief Scientist with Neo Technology, the company behind the popular open source graph database Neo4j, where he works on R&D for highly scalable graph databases and writes open source software. His proven passion for microservices ecosystems and REST translate into highly engaging workshops that foster collaboration and discussion.

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Motivation for Microservices

  • Forces driving us towards distributed systems as the norm
  • Technology trends
  • Delivery practices

Microservices as a delivery style

  • Agile at scale
  • Design for replacement
  • Service guardians and project-as-investment

Enterprise Architecture: The Enemy?

  • Microservices and strategy
  • Enterprise architecture mappings to Microservices
  • The role of the EA

The Web Platform

  • Understanding the Web as a platform for distributed systems at large scale
  • Protocols, actors, middleware
  • Failure modes and fault tolerance


  • Basic Web APIs
  • Remote data at a distance

Clean Hypermedia APIs

  • How RESTful services provide paths through the execution of systems of services
  • Hypermedia controls: links, forms
  • Formats and media types for expressing service contract

Hypermedia Deep dive

  • Worked example outlining a system of microservices
  • Enterprise context, enterprise pressures
  • Introduction and evolution of services and business over time

From Monoliths to Microservices

  • Case study on service migration
  • Technology pressure
  • Architectural challenges and solutions
  • Politics

Dealing with Distribution

  • A look into leading edge technology and research into distributed systems
  • Considering how distributed systems theory and practice affects Microservices design choices

Scale, Availability & Fault Tolerance

  • The Web provides much, how do we use it?

Responsible evolution with Consumer-Driven Contracts,

  • Continuous delivery
  • Bilateral service testing
  • Dealing with change

Event-driven systems

  • Asynchronous, reliable event-driven computing over the Web
  • Understanding the scale-latency trade off in such systems

Security Protocols

  • Learning from the consumer Web
  • Service hacks and defenses

Enterprise Architecture and Governance

  • Warp n weft model for architecture, delivery


  • Understanding the graph of systems of services
  • Platforms for monitoring and reasoning


You should be comfortable with a modern programming language to participate in the coding challenges, but otherwise any eager technologists are welcome.


Bring your own hardware

To participate in this RESTful Microservices course, please bring your own laptop, so you can develop with your own tools and languages, rather than something you are not familiar with.