Introduction to Docker Fundamentals

Topics covered at INTRO-DOCKER-01-02
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Are you adopting the Docker platform to containerise and secure robust, highly available, and self-healing applications? Join Matt Saunders for this intensive Docker Fundamentals course and learn the key concepts and practices of containerization, how to containerize on a single Docker node, the foundations of orchestration, and learn how to scale out with Docker across multiple nodes in a swarm, in assimilations and hands-on exercises.

Upon completion of this Docker Fundamentals course, you will understand how to modernise your software supply-chain with Docker, the foundations of Docker security, of containerization, and of Docker's continuous integration model. You will also understand the concepts of the Docker networking models, how to deploy a swarm application and scale it out applying common Swarm operations, and how to create, manage, and update Docker secrets.

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Learn how to:

  • Understand what Docker is and how Docker can modernise the software supply-chain
  • Conceptualise a mental model for Docker workflow
  • Understand the foundations of Docker security and apply secrets management
  • Understand the foundations of containerization on a single Docker node
  • Ability to Dockerize and application by writing Docker files
  • Create and manage images
  • Apply a basic continuous integration model for Docker
  • Understand the usage of volumes
  • Apply concepts of the Docker networking models
  • Write stack-based compose files
  • Understand how Swarm works
  • Deploy a swarm application and scale it out
  • Apply common Swarm operations
  • Create, manage, and update Docker secrets

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    Skills Matter is an Authorized Partner of Docker and all attendees of the course will receive an official certificate of completion from Docker.

    What the community says

    "Quite good, helpful, clear."

    Alberto, Watch Me Think on 4th Jun 2019

    "Great pace, easy to follow and understand. "

    Josh, Betgenius

    "Excellent course given by Matt. He was adding lots of colour and giving good insights into real world use cases."

    James, Ruffer LLP

    About the Author

    Matt Saunders

    Matt is a pragmatic technical operations architect and leader with Adaptavist - the leading Atlassian partner. A Docker user since 2013, Matt has significant experience in deploying Docker based environments and training small and large groups in its use.

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    Day One: Containerization Basics

    Day one looks at the complexities of delivering functional software, with a focus on moving software through different environments (eg. from a developer's workstation, through a QA environment, staging, and finally into production). You will be shown how it is easy to do this by packaging applications with Docker. We go through why Docker exists and why it is popular, before moving on to workshops that explore running Docker containers and making Docker images.

    Day One Schedule:

    • Introducing Docker
    • Containerization Fundamentals
    • Creating Images
    • Docker Volumes
    • Docker Networking Basics

    Day Two: Orchestration Basics

    On day two we deal with how to make Docker containers effectively and efficiently, both on a single machine and also in a cluster, using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. We'll go into detail on the relative merits of both Docker and Kubernetes, and give you a foundational knowledge of how to ship reliable distributed applications.

    Day Two Schedule:

    • Introduction to Docker Compose
    • Introduction to Docker Swarm
    • Introduction to Kubernetes
    • Docker Secrets



    If you are an administrator or developer and you want to learn how to administer and build enterprise-grade production systems using Docker, this Docker course is for you!


    To benefit from this Docker course, you should be familiar with Linux command line, but don't need any prior experience using Docker.

    Bring your own hardware

    You are invited to bring your own laptop to this Docker Fundamentals course, so you can learn with familiar tools, languages and IDE. Please make sure your machine is capable of running an SSH client and has access to Amazon Web Services over SSH (port 22), prior to joining the course.

    If you are unable to bring your own laptop and you let us know at least 3 weeks prior to your attendance of this course, our team will be able to provide you with a laptop pre-installed with the above environment.