React & Redux Workshop with Damjan Vujnovic

Topics covered at REACTIVE-01-03
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Are you ready to simplify the web application process? Are you using or considering using React for a project? If you want to learn to design, create and maintain complex and modern rich web applications using React and Redux, this class is for you!

If you are struggling with web application complexity and looking to break free from your legacy spaghetti nightmare, join Damjan Vujnovic on this exciting and hands on workshop. React is a clean and elegant way to manage the state of your application. This three-day course will help you learn the skills you need to be productive and write elegant, maintainable code.

Learn how to:

  • Write robust, elegant, testable and maintainable code
  • Compose your UIs declaratively
  • Think about the state of your application in new ways
  • Appreciate immutability, pure functions and composability
  • Make your application talk to the server and tame the complexity of asynchronous code
  • Leverage modern JavaScript features and tools to super-charge your development

  • What the community says

    "He's very knowledgeable on the subject - and explored the basics of JS and React without an issue"

    José, Babylon Health on 26th Apr 2019

    "Very interesting code examples and engaging explanations of them made the days flow between hands-on-code exercises, which were great too."


    "Good he new his stuff and communicated it well"


    About the Author

    Damjan Vujnovic

    With over a decade of experience working on domains within a variety of industries – including financial, government and social – Damian Vujnovic is a strong authority on simplifying development processes to create robust software applications.

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    Getting started

  • setup (nodejs, Babel, Webpack)


  • The big picture
  • Declarative vs. Imperative programming
  • Components, Components, Components
  • Understanding React elements and JSX
  • Virtual DOM and reconciliation
  • Props as "inputs" to your components
  • Stateful components
  • Use component lifecycle methods
  • Handling DOM events
  • Working with forms
  • State management strategies
  • Inter-component communication
  • Presentational and container components
  • Encapsule cross-cutting concerns with higher-order components, render props and hooks
  • Declarative routing using React Router
  • Best practices and common pitfalls


  • Challenges of state management
  • Motivation
  • Undirectional data flow
  • Using Redux store to encapsulate and manage application state
  • Describe state changes with reducers
  • Combining reducers using divide-and-conquer approach
  • Actions and action creators
  • Encapsulate store usage with Provider/connect
  • Perform asynchronous operations
  • Using thunk middleware

  • Audience


    If you are an experienced Web Developer and you want to learn how to design, create and maintain complex and modern rich web applications using React and Redux, this is the course for you!


    This is an introductory React/Redux course but in order for you to benefit from it, you should have some experience using JavaScript and be familiar with HTML, DOM and CSS. Prior exposure to a JavaScript framework/library is helpful but not essential.

    Bring your own hardware

    You will need to bring a personal laptop to participate fully in this course so you can develop using your own IDE and tools. Please ensure you will have a modern web browser, Visual Studio Code or any other text-editor/IDE and the latest stable release of Node.js pre-installed, before joining us at this course.

    If you are unable to bring your own laptop and you let us know at least 2 weeks prior to your attendance of this course.