Webpack Academy: From Beginner to Master with Sean Larkin

Topics covered at WEBPACK-01-02
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Learn to use Webpack, the open source bundler responsible for powering some of the most popular high-performance applications, and use it to make confident decisions about front-end architecture on your next project.

Join to learn why webpack exists, why you should use it to build your web applications, and how to leverage webpack as a key piece of your front-end or Node.js-build architecture.

You will cover the core concepts, understand how to organize and compose webpack's capabilities, and how to use webpack to perform high-performance front-end techniques like code-splitting and long-term caching, as well as writing custom loaders and plug-ins. Upon completion of this Webpack course you will also walk away with an understanding of JavaScript modules and how they relate to high performance web apps, and with the confidence to understand and make key architectural decisions.

Learn how to:

  • Understand what webpack is and why you would want to use it
  • Master webpack's capabilities
  • Understand web performance fundamentals and how to leverage webpack to write performant web applications
  • Customize webpack to integrate with your existing workflow and architectures

What the community says

"Sean is a really great teacher, he was able to explain concepts really well, and when a topic was quite complex he was able to clearly use the whiteboard or live code to better explain. His energy was great and, I fell, really helped to keep everyone focused. I've had poor experiences with training courses in the past but this one has encouraged me to attend more!"

Damian, Just Eat on 27th Mar 2019

"Was engaging, interesting and seemed genuinely enthused about his subject. Was happy to detour/diverge from the plan when questions were raised which was really beneficial"


"Clearly super knowledgeable and more than happy to take the time to explain anything in more detail if someone asked. [...]"


"Excellent. Great explanations [...]"


About the Author

Sean Larkin

Sean Larkin is a Technical Program Manager for Microsoft's Web Platform Team, and author of webpack Academy. When he's not obsessing about building better Dev Tools for Microsoft Edge, he's maintaining webpack, and helping teach open-source organizations how to become more sustainable and grow their communities.


Day 1

A (Short) History of JavaScript, Module Systems, and Web Performance Practices

  • Before Modules?
    • Scripts
    • IIFE
  • The Advent of Node.js
  • Modules "Born"
    • CommonJS
  • The Advent of Bundlers
  • Making CJS work in the browser, and more
    • AMD/RequireJS
    • ESM
  • The Advent of webpack
  • Learning from all the Predecessors
    • webpack

From Beginner - Getting Started with webpack

  • Nothing but the command line
  • The Core Concepts
  • Starting Out Right
  • The Essentials
  • Putting it to Practice

Day 2

Building for the Web

  • Web Performance Techniques
    • Background
    • Minification
    • Code splitting
    • Code sharing
    • Long term caching/hashing
    • Performance scenarios
    • Performance hints
    • Application scenarios (and trade-offs)
  • Building for Node.js
      Node target
    • Node mocks
  • Building for Electron
    • Electron target
    • Electron renderer target
    • What these targets expose and why
  • Building for a Library
    • Is webpack the bet tool for this?
    • Why would I want to use something else?
    • What can webpack do well?
    • The output options and formats

Customizing Anything

  • Loaders
    • Rule sets/Use conditions
    • Parsers
    • Any loader capabilities and why you use them
  • Plugins
    • A look at all the Plugins webpack ships out of the box
    • How to make your own custom Plugin
    • Learning about the Plugin system
  • Resolution
    • Module Folders
    • Resolved Extensions
    • Custom
  • Make Your Own Toolchain
    • webpack NodeAPI
    • Should you surface a configuration?
    • Prior art

Triage and Debug

  • Build Size
      Bundle visualization tools
    • Command line capabilities
    • Module reasons
  • Build Time
    • [v4] - Profiling Plugin
    • Running Node trace profiles
    • Build time checklist
  • Debugging webpack
    • Build errors
    • Functional errors
    • Chrome DevTools and Node inspector


If you are a JavaScript developer, building a complex front-end application with many static assets such as CSS images, fonts, etc and you are interested in discovering the power of Webpack, then this Webpack course is for you!


To benefit from this Webpack course, you should have basic Javascript skills gained in a web development role, prior to attending. You should also be able to install NodeJS and Yarn/NPM onto your computer.

Bring your own hardware

To take part in this workshop you are required to bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) so that you can learn using your preferred IDE.