Alberto Brandolini's EventStorming Workshop

Topics covered at EVENTSTORMING-01-02
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Want to explore how to model a complex business process, or the whole company software landscape without being trapped in an endless boring analysis phase? Eager to tame complexity with agility, starting in the most appropriate way, with the right understanding of the big picture? EventStorming Workshop unites agile modelling techniques and cutting-edge event-driven approaches with a uniquely engaging format, to help you to quickly solve problems and establish strong collaboration between all key stakeholders.

The result is a clear tangible model, built extremely quickly with the active contribution of all involved roles. Friction points that often lead to wrong implementations are exposed early, and natural, clean modelling options are highlighted.

Learn how to:

  • Develop an accurate model for your problem domain
  • Develop strategies to model key areas
  • Effectively manage the whole system, without falling into the common pitfalls from data-driven architectures
  • Leverage collaborative design by taking into account the different perspectives in a process that spans large-scale discovery

What the community says

"Engaging and a master of the subject. Clearly his approach has been refined over many years of practice and teaching, which the attendees benefit from immensely."

Rob, Credit Suisse on 5th Jun 2019

"Excellent. Gives a lot of insight and energy"

Delegate, ADEO Services on 5th Jun 2019

"Good - very engaging"

Delegate on 5th Jun 2019

"Excellent teaching style, very warm and approachable. Funny and knowledgeable."

Delegate on 5th Jun 2019

"Alberto as usual at his best. One of the best trainers I have come across."

Gayathri, Capgemini

About the Author

Alberto Brandolini

Alberto Brandolini can model every business domain, given enough space, a paper roll and an unlimited source of colored sticky notes (with a preference for orange ones). He calls this stuff EventStorming.



EventStorming as a discovery tool

  • Quick kick-off: where are we and where we want to go.
  • Real world Big Picture EventStorming, mastering complexity and unknowns in large scale modelling.
  • Managing conflicts, highlighting risk, and the problems really worth solving.
  • The facilitator’s toolbox revealed.
  • Improving our process exploring motivations of different actors.
  • The Change agent’s perspective: why it’s going to be hard even when improvement is obvious, and how to deal with stalemates.
  • Everything’s connected: Lean & Kanban, complexity and organization limits.
  • Working with startups vs. working with established companies.
  • EventStorming as a platform for problem solving.
  • ModelStorming: modelling everything without a clue (and yet deliver amazing insights).

Day 2

Using EventStorming to design a system

  • Emerging System Boundaries: from EventStorming to Bounded Contexts.
  • Process Modelling EventStorming: a cross-discipline platform for collaborative modelling.
  • A different perspective on software design: the picture that explains everything.
  • Make policies explicit. Discovering the hidden truth in business behaviour.
  • Design around Value: hidden and explicit motivators.
  • Software Design EventStorming: discovering key software components.
  • Aggregates and transactional consistency: independent moving parts in a large system.
  • Design around the bottleneck: changing the rules of the game.
  • Blending User Experience Design and Service Design into Software Design.
  • Triggering bullet-proof design with visible state.
  • The transaction illusion.
  • From sticky notes to working software. When to go for a sophisticated architecture.


EventStorming is an interdisciplinary practice which promotes collaboration across teams. The inclusive approach means that any team member or stakeholder may take part in this workshop and will actively contribute.


Bring your own hardware

Laptops are not required for this workshop.