Strategic DDD & Sociotechnical Architecture with Kacper Gunia and Nick Tune

Topics covered at STRATEGIC-DDD-01-02
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Would you like to learn how to enable domain-focused teams to deliver business value faster and accommodate changes more easily? A loosely-coupled software architecture and an organisational structure to match is one of the biggest predictors of software delivery performance. Join this course and learn how to minimise unnecessary coupling by aligning software and teams with the business domains, using Strategic DDD and EventStorming practices.

You will learn how to align your software with the business architecture by creating bounded contexts, how to use practices like DDD and EventStorming to model business domains collaboratively, how to design microservices that are aligned with the business domains, and patterns that help you organise teams able to develop and deliver microservices continuously and autonomously.

Upon completion of this Strategic DDD and Sociotechnical Architecture course, you will have a solid understanding of Strategic Domain-Driven Design's comprehensive toolbox for the collaborative modelling of business domains, which will help you deliver business value more efficiently.

Learn how to:

  • Model business domains collaboratively using practices like EventStorming
  • Design microservices aligned with the business domains
  • Organise autonomous teams to develop and continuously-deliver microservices
  • Understand and communicate your organisation's business model
  • Create a culture of high alignment between business and technology-minded people

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Delegate on 25th Jun 2019

About the Author

Kacper Gunia

Kacper Gunia is an independent software consultant with 9 years of experience in the industry. He built applications and systems for clients including Starbucks, Time Inc, FeelUnique, Johnston Press & William Hill. On daily basis supports and trains client’s teams on using right technologies, processes and approaches such as Domain-Driven Design and Functional Programming.


Day One: Domain Discovery and Strategic Design

  • Learn how to collaboratively model and understand the business
  • Learn how to distill the core business domains
  • Learn to understand how technology contributes to business goals
  • Learn how to model context boundaries

Day Two: Sociotechnical Architecture

  • Learn how to model microservices aligned with context boundaries
  • Learn how to design autonomous teams aligned with the software and domain
  • Learn why sociotechnical architectures constantly evolve
  • Learn how to evolve sociotechnical architectures for business, technical, and social reasons


This course is for:

  • Software developers and architects who design and build microservice systems
  • Engineering managers and directors who want to organise their teams for more frequent delivery
  • Product managers and owners who want to work more effectively with software developers


To benefit from this course, you should have prior experience working in larger enterprise development teams, or have experience working on medium to large (enterprise) software projects.

Bring your own hardware

You don't need a laptop for this course, but are of course welcome to bring one.