Akka Streams for Scala | ScalaCon Workshop


25th October 2021   2 days

English   Online Course

$450.00 + VAT

Akka Streams enables the consumption of streaming data, in a fully non-blocking, asynchronous manner. It also allows us to consume that data while providing non-blocking backpressure to prevent mailbox overflows.

Learn how to:

Over these two days of hands-on coding, we will learn the components that make up the Akka Streams API and how they interact, as well as review and experiment with a broad range of different Akka Streams components. Through this, you will develop a workshop case study and produce an application based on a streaming architecture.

About the Author

Alex Golubev

Alex is a Principal Consultant at Lightbend, with a PhD in Information Technology. During his tenure working with Java, Alex gained experience in a variety of areas, including IoT, eCommerce, and Financial Services. A few years ago, Alex switched to Scala and began to contribute heavily to Akka Streams--this brought him to Lightbend, where he spends his days helping clients migrate to Akka Platform and other Reactive technologies.

Available dates

Starts at 4:00 PM EDT (8:00 PM UTC)

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Who should take this course?

This workshop is for an Intermediate Level. Knowledge of and practical experience with Scala and Akka is recommended. See 'Prerequisites' below for full details.


  • Registrants must have access to a computer with Java 8+
  • Code examples and exercises will be written in Scala, so a basic knowledge of Scala is required.
  • We will leverage operations similar to those in the Scala collections API. Knowledge of the collections API is expected.
  • We will need concepts from Akka Actors. A basic knowledge of Actors, Dispatchers, and Mailboxes is required.

Course Outline

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the basic concepts of Akka Streams
  • Know how to build linear streams using Sources, Sinks, and Flows
  • Know how to implement fault tolerant streams
  • Know how to introduce non-linear graph shapes into your streams
  • Be confident to start using Akka Streams in production systems

Akka Streams for Scala | ScalaCon Workshop
2 days
Online Course
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4:00 PM EDT
$450.00 + VAT
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