The Power of Persuasion — Half‑Day Workshop [SAG Digital 2021]

12th October 2021   0.5 days

English   Online Course

€149.00 €124.00

This half-day workshop is part of the Software Architecture Gathering Digital — 2021. To learn more about the conference and this workshop, please visit the conference's official website here.

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You’ve created the best technical solution to fulfill the requirements. You’ve thoroughly documented your design and presented it to management. But the management board has rejected your design and chosen an alternative approach that will clearly cause problems in the long-term.

What went wrong? Why were you not able to persuade management to accept your solution?

In this session, the art of persuasion is examined in the context of software development and software architecture.

The following topics will be briefly presented:

  • The difference between selling your idea and persuading someone to accept your ideas.
  • Assertiveness versus persuasiveness.
  • Identifying the different levels of acceptance.
  • Factors that impact the acceptance of your ideas.
  • Approaches to help persuade stakeholders.

About the Author

Roger Rhoades

Roger Rhoades is the founder of Albion Academy, an accredited iSAQB trainer, and experienced architect for enterprise and software architecture.

His highly interactive training courses supplement theoretical content with practical experience and hands-on exercises to ensure that clients not only understand the relevant methods, but also the real-world challenges of their implementation.

As an active member of iSAQB, he continually updates the software architecture curricula and exam questions.

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The Power of Persuasion — Half‑Day Workshop [SAG Digital 2021]
0.5 days
Online Course
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8:00 AM BST
€149.00 €124.00
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