BeyondTech 2019 - Accessibility

We are committed to making this conference as accessible and inclusive as possible for you. This guide has been created to help you with questions and concerns you might have before and during the conference so that you are able to make the most out of your experience. First check out the directions to our venue, CodeNode, and then take part of the information below.

Accessibility - Venue

  • Lifts - CodeNode has one accessible lift. Dimensions are 0.9m (width) and 1.4m (depth).

  • Rooms - All of the speaking rooms will be clearly labelled and have wheelchair access.

  • Breakout/Dining area - Our breakout area ESC is wheelchair accessible.

  • Bathrooms - Our bathrooms will be gender neutral during the event. We have two wheelchair accessible bathrooms, one on each floor. There will be free sanitary products in the bathrooms.

  • Lighting - There are no plans to use strobe lighting or flashing lights at BeyondTech 2019. We will have a quiet room that will be dark, where you can rest from the light if need be.

  • Guide dogs - Guide dogs are allowed in the venue and we will be able to provide water for them. Do let us know if you will be bringing one at

  • First Aid - First Aiders, First Aid equipment as well as Mental Health First Aiders will be available on-site.

Map of CodeNode

Ground Floor Map

ground floor

Lower Ground Floor Map

lower ground floor

Accessibility - Sessions

  • Hearing impairment - We will have headphones available for Audio Support, just let any of our staff know and they will assist you. If you require any other assistance please contact us with your requirements at as soon as possible so that we can accommodate you.

  • Wheelchair access - Room set-up will be wheelchair accessible.

  • Session Breaks - There will be 15 minute breaks between the longer sessions and spread throughout the day as well as 30 minute break-out sessions. Check out the programme for specific information.

Communication System

  • We will be providing stickers where you will be able to state which gender pronoun you would like to use. (This will be She/Her, He/Him, They/Them, plus blank ones for you to decide yourself).

  • We will be using a system to indicate communication preferences. This will be a simple coloured sticker for you to place on your badge, which will clearly indicate your communication preference to other attendees and staff. They will also be easy to change during the course of the event.

    • A blue Sticker on your badge will indicate that you are actively seeking communication. This may be used because you have no communication difficulties, and love meeting new people, or you have difficulty initiating conversations, but would like people to initiate conversations with you.

    • A yellow Sticker on your badge will indicate that you only want to talk to people you already know, or if you initiate communication.

    • A red Sticker on your badge will indicate that you don’t want any communication right now, except in an emergency.

Please also bear in mind our Code of Conduct during the event when interacting with each other.

Safe Spaces

Quiet Room

Our BACKSPACE room will serve as a quiet room during the event. The room is intended to provide a quiet, calm space where attendees can spend time away from noise, lights, and other stimuli of event spaces. The quiet room is not available for conversations or meetings. The room will be available to attendees during the entirety of the event duration, just bear in mind that this space is an alcohol-free area.

Sensory Room

If you would like to take a break from our outbreak area, but not entirely, we will have a colouring station, some lego and bean bags in our ALT room. This room is not a quiet area.

We will also have separate rooms for prayers(Fn) and nursing(SHIFT).

Access Coordinator

We will have a dedicated Access Coordinator on hand at all times during the conference who will be able to help answer any specific access related question.

To contact our access coordinator email, or alternatively, if you wish to speak to us over the phone, please call 020 7183 9040 with any questions or concerns.

If you have feedback before, during or after the conference on our accessibility please let us know as we are eager to improve and plan to implement our strategies to all of our events.