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Community Manager, Skills Matter

What You'll Be Doing

Skills Matter Communities encompass a group of Contacts (e.g. customers, experts, companies), and Events (e.g. conferences, courses, meetup groups, mentoring circles).

Each Community is defined by a central interest — this might be technology-based (e.g. Java, Python), it might be a methodology (Domain-Driven Design, Agile), or it might be ideological (Leadership, Sustainability).

The particular Communities assigned to you will be a balance between your personal interests/background and our company's priorities for 2022.

As a Community Manager, you will act as Skills Matter's ambassador for the Community — develop, sustain and grow relationships with members, user groups, companies and key influencers.

Community Managers are responsible for the health (both financial and reputational) of each community they oversee.

They achieve this by:

  • Managing the planning and execution of all events for the Community, and ensuring that they are of high interest and engaging with the community members.
  • Building and maintaining strategic relationships with Community participants including influencers and subject matter experts.
  • Meeting the needs of attendees, speakers, partners and sponsors in the Community.
  • Participating in Community events as required.
  • Providing support for the marketing efforts for the Community — newsletter, social media, blogging, video interviews, etc.
  • Gathering feedback from the Community to drive continuous improvement.
  • Ensuring the financial viability of each Community by providing leads to our Enterprise Sales Team.
  • Planning and Documenting their work using tools such as Asana, Hubspot and Google Docs.

What You'll Bring to the Role

  • You should be passionate about building a set of vibrant communities with engaging content, events and member interactions to drive platform use.
  • You should be comfortable communicating both verbally and in writing to customers, partners, clients, colleagues, and expert speakers.
  • You should also be comfortable making new outbound contacts with people and organizations (potential speakers and partners/sponsors).
  • A large part of this role involves scheduling and ahering to timelines, so you must have strong time management skills.
  • You will participate in Community events as required – this may include opening online meeting rooms, hosting Zoom sessions, introducing speakers, etc. This may require you to be on stage or on camera.
  • You do not need to have a technical background, though given some of the content, it may provide you a leg up.
  • Strong collaboration and relationship management skills.
  • Ability to work independently in a remote, multi-time-zone environment.

Responsibilities Per Community

Each Community Manager oversees a number of Communities for Skills Matter. Based on the size of these communities, KPIs and targets may vary, but responsibilities are consistent.


You will be Skills Matter's internal ”knowledge source" and first point of contact for each community you oversee, this includes:

  • Maintain knowledge about speakers and experts.
  • Competitor research (conferences, courses, etc.).
  • Understand trends, changes and developments within the Community.
  • Be able to answer basic questions about the Community's technology or framework.
Community Outreach
  • Serve as Ambassador between Skills Matter and Community.
  • Develop relationships with Community Groups (meetups) around the globe.
  • Enlist Community Groups to host their events on the Skills Matter platform.
  • Ensure Community Groups on the Skills Matter platform are regularly hosting events.
  • Confirm Community Group events are properly formatted within the Skills Matter platform, with accurate, inviting and interesting event descriptions.
  • Work with Operations Team on execution of in-person, online and hybrid Community Group events.
  • Provide marketing support for Community Groups (in collaboration with Marketing Teams).
  • Facilitate introductions between Community Groups and Speakers, or Community Groups and other Communities in the Skills Matter ecosphere.
  • Appear at Community Group events as representative of Skills Matter where needed.
  • Regularly attend Meetups (online or in-person) within your community.
  • Monitor Community member posts and activity, upload resources and content, and engage members and potential members in online dialogues.

Enterprise Relationships and Sales
  • Research and maintain up-to-date knowledge of Companies working within your community.
  • Develop relationships with Companies working within your Community.
  • Outreach to companies working within your Community.
  • Solicit talks for Conferences and Meetups from Companies working within your Community.
  • Form partnerships with Companies working within your Community.
  • Use your knowledge of the Community to provide leads for Enterprise Sales Team for things like Sponsorships, group ticket buys, course/workshop requests, etc.
  • Accurate tracking of sponsorship agreements and ensuring all contractual deliverables are fulfilled for every partnership.
  • Facilitate relationships between Companies and Community Groups.
Speaker and Expert Relationships
  • Maintain knowledge of speakers and experts within your Community (Who is popular? Who is up-and-coming? Who has moved on to other areas?)
  • Develop positive relationships with speakers and experts.
  • Coordinate invitations of experts to speak at events.
  • Help experts promote their projects within the Skills Matter community.
  • Work with experts to create Training opportunities (Open-enrolment and private).
  • Work with experts to develop paid Mentorship programs.
  • Contribute to the identification of potential speakers and trainers in collaboration with Skills Matter's Technical Advisory Board and community Program Chair.
  • Assist the Operations Team with logistics of in-person, online and hybrid conferences, including hosting/opening online sessions, introducing speakers, selecting suitable Community members to introduce speakers, etc.
  • Develop relationships with third-party conference organizers with the aim of hosting their events on the Skills Matter platform.
  • Coordinate with partner organizations and Operations Team to administer and run third-party conferences.
  • Organize and coordinate Program Committees for Skills Matter's in-house conferences.
  • Manage conference budgets (in collaboration with the Finance team).
  • Ensure that experts and speakers receive any appropriate contract before the event and are remunerated/expenses repaid as required after the event.
  • Ensure events are meeting targets — financial (e.g. Ticket Sales), strategic (e.g. Attendance) or value-based (e.g. Diversity of Speaker Program).
  • Where needed, introduce speakers and events onstage or on-screen.
  • Collaborate with Marketing & Design teams to develop Conference-related visuals and web pages.

Additional Information

  • This is a full-time role.
  • As a company, we are currently working remotely.
  • Salary is flexible and would ideally be based on your experience-level.

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