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Skills Matter’s courses and workshops provide experienced developers with hands‑on training to boost their skills (or learn brand new ones) in a few short days.

All of our courses are led by the creators and innovators of the world’s most in‑demand technologies, frameworks and methodologies — which means you’ll be learning the very latest directly from the top minds behind the tools you’re trying to master.

Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Advanced Kubernetes Concepts

with Jérôme Petazzoni

Have you worked with Kubernetes, but still have questions? Need to dive deeper and learn advanced concepts around application packaging, capacity planning, resource management? Join this hands-on course to learn these concepts and more from Kubernetes and Docker expert Jérôme Petazzoni.

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Domain Models in Practice: DDD, CQRS & Event Sourcing

with Marco Heimeshoff

Are you interested in building semantic yet simple software that correctly serves its purpose? Join Marco Heimeshoff for this intensive workshop exploring the technical relationship between code, culture and architecture and learn how to model and implement software from a business perspective.

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FullStack Event Sourcing and Applied DDD

with Roman Sachse

Are you looking for an entry point to Event Sourcing and CQRS? In this workshop, Roman Sachse takes a DIY approach to Event Sourcing, offering you a unique chance to learn to build a FullStack Event Sourced application that spans the backend and the frontend.

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Agile at Scale

with Joakim Sundén

Want to build an organisation that enables agile at scale and unleashes the power of small autonomous teams? This course will give you inspiring real world examples of how Spotify grew a dynamic learning organisation that reinforces a high-trust culture and supports engaged autonomous teams.

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Private courses

If you need to upskill teams, or have identified ongoing development needs, we are able to arrange private training courses with our experts. Courses can be delivered online, at your premises, or in a location organised by us.

Can’t find the course you want?

Please contact us at if you require training in an area not featured above. We are able to deliver additional expert-led courses privately.