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YOW! and Skills Matter Join Forces to Expand Conference and Professional Development Portfolio in APAC, UK, Europe and North America!

We are delighted to announce that Skills Matter will be teaming up with YOW! to increase both organisations' Conference and Professional Development offerings in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Europe and North America.

YOW! is the largest independent event organiser in Australia for software development, with over 30,000 people attending events since launch in 2008. YOW! brings together internationally recognised experts and developers to encourage excellence and innovation in the APAC centered technology community. You can learn more about YOW! events here.

Starting in December 2020, YOW! and Skills Matter will begin to combine our respective content portfolios of courses and conferences. In the near term these will continue to be offered online until it becomes safe to organise in-person events.

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Dave Thomas, YOW! Founder

“YOW! Is very pleased to join with Skills Matter to further support the software community. Skills Matter's core values are aligned with ours and focused on offerings made for developers by developers. Further, we share many of the same expert speakers and educators. In 2020, we introduced YOW! Online, for our community to connect with global experts, and each other. One of the first benefits of joining with Skills Matter is providing YOW! Members access to Skills Matter content and their network of IT experts. The YOW! Team is excited to join with Skills Matter to provide increased value for all of our clients and partners.”
— Dave Thomas, YOW! Founder

Frank Rodorigo, CEO Skills Matter / Quad4 Group

“We are thrilled to be bringing together YOW! and Skills Matter. Joining these two companies enables us to provide global software professionals with the knowledge, insights, and skills to advance technology and transform businesses.”
— Frank Rodorigo, CEO Skills Matter / Quad4 Group

We have anticipated a few questions you may have about this announcement and have done our best to answer them below. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please reach out to us by email.

General Questions

  1. Why is Skills Matter joining forces with YOW!?

  2. This merger allows us to offer experts global speaking opportunities and increases the number of events available to members, providing the international software development community with increased learning opportunities.

  1. YOW! has a reputation of having quality speakers, as well as being technology and vendor neutral. Will this change?

  2. Skills Matter is committed to the same standard of speakers and independence which is one of the reasons why joining together makes good sense. The current YOW! Team will continue to be responsible for delivery of events in APAC.

  1. I see there is a Meetups page on the Skills Matter website, how can I get my meetup featured there?

  2. Skills Matter partners with user groups in various ways — from connecting experts with groups to promoting meetups on our channels to hosting and sharing event recordings. Contact us at community@skillsmatter.com to see how we can support your group.

Questions about YOW! Online Membership.

  1. I signed up for a 12 month YOW! Online Membership, will there be changes to my paid plan?

  2. For now, your membership plan will remain the same. As we work to bring together YOW! and Skills Matter, we will construct an integrated membership programme which will increase access to premium content from both organisations.

    Any future changes we make will be to enhance the value of your paid membership.

  1. Will YOW! Members gain access to all Skills Matter Member content?

  2. YES, we are working through the details and will have more to update in Q1 2021.

  1. Will Skills Matter members gain access to YOW! Online content?

  2. In early 2021, Skills Matter will be beta testing a Premium Membership plan. This tier of Members will have access to YOW! Online Content. Details will be announced shortly.

  1. How will this Skills Matter Premium Membership subscription program compare with the YOW! Online Membership package?

  2. We are working to create a single, unified Membership programme to give both communities unfettered access to more premium content. Our goal with this integration is to increase Member benefits, not take anything away. Full details of this harmonized Membership package will be revealed in Q1 2021. Watch this space for further updates.

  1. Are there planned changes to the format or content of YOW! Online?

  2. No, but you will gain access to additional content from Skills Matter.

  1. Will YOW! Online Members still have free access to YOW! Online conferences? What about Skills Matter’s conferences?

  2. Yes, you will continue to have access to the 4 YOW! Online conferences. It is also our intention to introduce Skills Matter’s online conferences as a benefit in 2021.

  1. I am a YOW! Online member, do I have to sign up for Skills Matter as well?

  2. In early 2021 we'll be announcing our migration plans for the Membership programmes — don't worry, you'll be given ample notice before we do anything. In the meantime, to gain access to Skills Matter events, you will need to register for the Skills Matter platform.

  1. Will YOW! Online members have access to the recorded videos from Skills Matter conferences?

  2. YOW Online Members will have access to the entire library of SkillCast videos including those from recent conferences. You will also continue to enjoy access to YOW! Conference YouTube videos., YOW YouTube videos will be added to SkillsCast videos

  1. Will YOW! still have a YouTube channel where we can watch talks from previous conferences?

  2. The most recent content is available to YOW! Online members immediately following an event. There are no plans to deactivate the YOW! YouTube channel and it is anticipated we will continue to archive content there.

Questions about upcoming YOW! events

  1. Will YOW! December 2021 still happen?

  2. Absolutely! For 2021 we are planning for the usual conference (whether this event will be in-person or online remains TBD).

  1. Will there still be face-to-face conferences in APAC in future?

  2. Yes, we plan to have face to face YOW! conferences around Australia and APAC whenever it is safe to do so.

  1. I’m not a YOW! Online Member but I like coming to YOW! conferences, how will this affect me?

  2. There will still be YOW! conferences taking place in APAC time zones. These events will be hosted online for now, but face-to-face conferences will resume when it becomes safe to do so.

  1. Will the YOW! New Voices in Tech workshop still take place in March?

  2. Absolutely, as long as it is still possible to travel and gather in person on the workshop dates!

  1. Will there still be Diversity Scholarships for conferences?

  2. Yes. YOW! and Skills Matter are committed to providing opportunities for under-represented technologists to attend our conferences.

  1. I have always wanted to be a YOW! Speaker, how do I get to speak at a conference?

  2. For each event, to ensure quality schedule and content, YOW! and Skills Matter work with a dedicated programming committee who surface themes, nominate speakers and review suggestions submitted to our CFP process. We will continue this process going forward with events in 2021.