Not currently scheduled to meet at Skills Matter.


This is a group for anyone interested in iOS Development and Design. All skill levels are welcome.

This meetup is for you if: - you have an app idea but don't know where to start

  • you want to learn about the latest and greatest iOS frameworks

  • you want to leverage a community of like minded people who have the answers to your questions

  • you want to meet people who are passionate about iOS technology

  • you want to create a side business or become a full time app entrepreneur

  • you want to learn how to code from scratch

  • you need to find a developer for your app idea or co-founder

  • you want to learn app marketing secrets from app entrepreneurs

Most of our community is made of independent iOS developers and professional developers who want to learn about the latest updates about iOS best practices in code, design and marketing and are regularly coming back to our monthly meet ups.

Join us today to be part of a skilled and friendly community!

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