Not currently scheduled to meet at Skills Matter.


London Meetup for all interested in Connected Data technologies and developments. This includes Graph Database, Linked Data, semantics, Knowledge Representation and AI experts, users, enthusiasts and newbies.

Topics at meetups so far have included:

  • Linked Data in publishing, Financial Services & Telecoms

  • Knowledge Representation and Explainable AI

  • Graph Databases in Financial Crime & Product Recommendations

  • Knowledge Management

  • Ontology development & Data Modelling

  • Network analysis in Bioinformatics

At the10th meetup we tried to agree a simple description for the group to help clarify the topics that we typically discuss:

“Connected Data is a collection of related Disciplines & Technologies where the relationships, rules, structure, meaning & context are treated as first-class citizens”.

Next Up

Sorry, looks like Connected Data London haven't got any events scheduled for the moment!


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