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The purpose of the BCDC is to give programmers interested in blockchain development a space to examine, explore and understand the wide variety of technologies and tools in a casual, collaborative and competitive environment. The BCDC combines the best elements of a meetup, a workshop and a hackerthon all in one.

The BCDC will be a sandbox for developers to share, scrutinize and hack away at all the code and claims made by the different projects and protocols. This is about learning, growing and taking hold of the incredible moment we are in as the core drivers of innovation in this space.

The BCDC will be a place where best practices and inventive approaches can flourish, where different programming ideas can be tried, shared and debated without the risks commercial blockchain development can hold.

Developers unfamiliar with blockchain development can use the BCDC as a way to introduce themselves to this technology, and take the edge off the barrier to entry. The BCDC will have an inherently competitive format where two projects or protocols are set against each other, experimented with, compared and contrasted.

This community will be curated and lead by developers for developers. There will also be a showcase for those who want to share what they are working on.

The focus of the BCDC will always be on core technologies, such as smart contract development, different scaling solutions and implementations of decentralized technologies.

There will be deep dives into the Github repositories of different projects, and practical code based exercises. The BCDC will never be about promoting coin prices or promoting one project over another. The heart of the BCDC will always be agnostic and will be about discovering more use-cases to ultimately gain a deeper understanding of the whole ecosystem.

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