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This meetup is a great opportunity to network, exchange knowledge and learn how to create products and services with an amazing user experience, using UX design principles.

On the UX Playground, you can discover new and exciting things, try and test ways you haven't tried before, with the aim to gain a better understanding of how to improve the user experience

Who is this meetup for? This meetup offers an opportunity for those new to UX design, as well as those already working in this field. If you are considering to become a UX designer but are not sure what skills and knowledge you need, then this meetup is ideal for you. If you are already a UX expert, then this meetup will offer you a platform to grow further and expand your skill set.

What can I expect from the meetup? In each meetup session, you will be introduced to a new UX design topic, delivered by myself and other experts. There will also be plenty of opportunities to engage in exercises and projects, allowing you to apply what you have learned. You can expect to learn about the various UX design methods and tools including research, ideation, prototyping, usability testing and much more.

Learn professional techniques and principles that are needed to create a great user experience for the web, mobile or any other product. Take advantage of the tips and tricks demonstrated and learn new skills that you can use to improve the quality of your work, to create a portfolio or simply to gain confidence.

Let's meet, learn, design and make new friends.

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