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Inspiring Women in Data Science are a collective of educated & ambitious self-identified women who want to be on the cutting edge of innovation in data. We understand that it can sometimes be intimidating to move into a new area of learning, and that it is difficult to have your voice heard and questions answered in the rapid stream of technical innovation. We're here to help women learn and share their knowledge to a high technical level.

We aim to be a supportive and collaborative environment that helps to build skill and confidence by learning from the women who have already found success in Data Science. We wish to find the perfect balance between inciting passion for technology, and developing skills that improve the women’s professional futures.

If you have a background in data analysis or you just wish to share your ideas with like-minded women, with a view to branching out into new areas of knowledge, then we would love you to join us.

All gender minorities and supporters of gender minorities welcome.

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