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Not currently scheduled to meet at Skills Matter.


Rust Dublin is a regular meetup exploring the growing world of the Rust programming language. Whether you're completely new to the language or an experienced Rustacean, everyone is welcome to join.

What we're about

Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents nearly all segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

This meetup is for:

  • Practicing and wannabe Rustaceans.
  • Computer programming enthusiasts interested in learning new programming language that is statically typed, free of undefined behaviour and VM.
  • Systems programmers, game developer and anybody interested in high performance, high integrity programming.
  • Adventurous web developers seeking greater understanding of computer systems.
  • People starting their adventure with computer programming.
  • Or anybody else interested in emerging technologies.

Next Up

Sorry, looks like Rust Dublin haven't got any events scheduled for the moment!


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