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A monthly meetup for everyone with an interest in MLOps, or AI and Machine Learning in general. From data scientists interested in the more technical aspects, through to CEOs looking to unleash the power of their AI.

We aim to cover a range of topics which will help us to collectively grow and improve the world of open source MLOps.

MLOps is a relatively new discipline in machine learning. It’s the fastest and most consistent way to deploy your AI models into production.

This group focuses on all things relating to open source MLOps. We believe that open source MLOps provide you with the freedom and flexibility to deploy your AI models into production in an optimal way.

As a relatively new discipline, the aim of this group is to form a community for us all to learn, share and grow our collective understanding. Amongst other things, we’ll be looking to share tips, tools and case studies, and facilitate debate and discussion.

Who should attend?

Open Source MLOps events are for anyone interested in improving Scrum use and adoption at their organization.

We hope to see everyone from Software Engineers and Data Scientists interested in the more technical aspects, through to CEOs looking to unleash the power of their AI.

The Fuzzy Labs team having a conversation

The Open Source MLOps community is organised by Fuzzy Labs.

Fuzzy Labs are experts in open source MLOps. Our flexible, collaborative approach helps clients unlock value from their AI at scale.

Learn more about the Fuzzy Labs

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