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The Vancouver Rust Meetup group is a group of programmers who are currently or interested in using Rust for personal or professional projects.

We meet once a month for studying or talking about the language and its ecosystem. We do our best to start every meetup with a presentation on a specific topic that usually motivates passionate conversations.

Some of our members use Rust in production but it's also a great place for less experienced Rustaceans. All that matters is that we learn together.

As a community, we adhere to the Rust Code of Conduct.

Call For Participation

Are you interested in presenting at the meetup? Do you want to share an interesting talk or show off a cool Rust project? If so, then come and present here at the Vancouver Rust meetups!

Here is what you will need to know if you want to present.

Past Presentations

Rust Learning Resources


Bit Quill Technologies Inc.

Next Up

Sorry, looks like Vancouver Rust haven't got any events scheduled for the moment!


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