• ACCU London

    ACCU is an organisation of programmers who care about professionalism in programming and are dedicated to raising the standard of programming.

    accu agile
  • Agile Bytes

    This community regularly comes together to discuss topics related to Agile.

    agile-testing agile agile-project-management agile-development
  • AI & Machine Learning in Enterprise Applications

    This meetup would be focused on the use of AI & Machine Learning in Enterprise Applications & business processes.

    natural-language-processing neural-networks ai-applications deep-learning data-analytics ai data-science machine-learning bigdata
  • Algorithmic Art

    Algorithmic Art is a community about algorithms making art - code creating images, musics, animation, sculpture and speech.

    art graphics coding algorithms programming data-visualisation design data bigdata
  • Android Security: Hacking and Building

    The Android Security meetup is for anyone who is involved with anything Android related. This group is aimed at bringing developers, hackers and tinkerers together in an environment where all the latest Android security related issues are...

    mobile-security latest-android-security-concerns latest-android-security-controls threats-occurring-in-the-android-ecosystem creating-secure-android-applications hacking-android-applications security android mobile
  • Angular Labs Meetup Group

    We like to hack, learn, share, socialise and have fun while using AngularJS. Neither talks, nor slides, nor workshops. Only you hacking alone or in pairs in our sessions. We give you everything so you can try new things for yourself without the...

    fullstack angular angular2 angularjs javascript
  • Apache Flink Meetup

    This is a group for anyone who wants to learn about or share what they know about Apache Flink. We are excited about its potential and we want to find other people who are interested. Apache Flink is a 'streaming first' data processing...

    flink data-processing streams apache-flink apache datascience
  • Apache Kafka London

    This group is addressed to London Apache Kafka users. We welcome software engineers, systems architects, data scientists, software developers and anyone interested in Apache Kafka. This group is also addressed to people interested in advanced...

    apache streamprocessing opensource iot bigdata
  • BDD London

    BDD London is a group of people interested in Behaviour Driven Development, who either already follow BDD practices in their projects, or would like to learn more about it. Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a way to develop software through a...

    behaviour-driven bdd tdd agile-testing agile agile-project-management agile-development
  • BDDx Bytes

    This community regularly comes together to discuss topics related to Agile Requirements, BDD and Specification by Example.

    bddx agile-devlopment bddx-bytes bdd agile agile-development
  • BlockChain Developers Club

    The purpose of the BCDC is to give programmers interested in blockchain development a space to examine, explore and understand the wide variety of technologies and tools in a casual, collaborative and competitive environment. The BCDC combines the...

    decentralised dapps blockchaindevelopment blockchain data bigdata
  • ChainConf Bytes

    Are you interested in the latest developments in Blockchain and its potential to change the world ? Join this monthly meetup for speakers and topics from ChainConf!

    fintech dao chainconf chainconf-bytes architecture blockchain bitcoin ethereum
  • Civic Reactor

    We will be organizing hackathons every Wednesday at CodeNode. Our focus is two fold: - Implementing technology to the improvement of our society, creating open source software to support charities and civic groups. - To provide an opportunity for...

    hacking web-technologies charity mobile-apps application-development
  • C++ London

    Interested in C++ present and future? Want to improve your skills and knowledge - or just hang out with like-minded individuals?

    c++ functional
  • C++ London University

    Are you interested in learning C++ in a fun, hands-on way with like-minded people? Join in with this weekly meetup!

    learning-c++ learning c codealong c++ functional
  • Cloud Native

    Cloud Native London is the official Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Meetup group dedicated to building a strong, open, diverse developer community around the Cloud Native platform and technologies in London.

    cloud-native software-architecture docker software-development devops cloud microservices

    COED:CODE is a warm, fun and encouraging event looking at systems and infrastructure programming. We are craft a social event designed to give diversity in tech a nudge.

    women-who-code women-in-tech diversity agile-development
  • Cognitive & AI Data Infrastructures

    AI and Cognitive systems process knowledge that is far too complex than traditional datasets that current databases were made for. Current databases could not model complex domains and the query languages are not capable of interpreting complex...

    cognitivesystems datainfrastructure artificial-intelligence database ai open-source machine-learning bigdata
  • Connected Data London

    London Meetup for all interested in Connected Data technologies and developments. This includes Graph Database, Linked Data, semantics, Knowledge Representation and AI experts, users, enthusiasts and newbies.

    explainableai graphdatabase knowledgerepresentation linkeddata bigdata
  • ContainerSched Bytes

    The monthly Meetup that celebrates ContainerSched

    scaling borg unikernel flocker weave calico scheduler containersched mesos containersched-bytes paas google docker kubernetes container devops cloud security microservices data
  • CTO Craft Bytes

    Making the move from building software to leading a team can be a tricky process - how do you learn the skills needed to build and motivate a team of engineers, what does success look like, and how do ensure the successes of your team lead to...

    cto chief-technology-officer engineering-leadership engineering-culture team-building tech-strategy personal-development beating-burnout diversity inclusivity agile-project-management
  • Data Driven LDN

    Calling all Data Driven Enthusiasts! Data Driven LDN is a new Meetup from the creators of the Big Data LDN conference & exhibition.

    data-analytics ai data-science data-visualization machine-learning data bigdata
  • DDDx Bytes

    DDDx Bytes is crafted for and by the community! We are looking to gather your ideas on #dddX. We want to know which experts you want to learn from, which skills you would like to learn and what you can share. Help us create a great Community, get...

    ddd domain-driven-design dddx dddx-bytes software-development architecture
  • Design Lab London

    This meet up is for visual, UI/UX, and interaction design enthusiasts! We are focused on creating a community of designers in London where we can talk shop, share ideas and designs, and get to know one another.

    frontend javascript
  • DevSecCon Bytes

    Monthly meetings about secure development featuring speakers from DevSecCon conference.

    devseccon securedevelopment devops
  • Docker London

    Meet other developers and ops engineers using Docker. Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Consisting of Docker Engine, a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and...

    continuous-integration paas docker-engine docker-hub docker containers devops cloud
  • DPML

    The digital scene is growing fast at the moment in London. Key to its success are the project manager who make it all happen.

    agile-processes project-management agile agile-development
  • droidcon Bytes

    The monthly meetup in anticipation of droidcon London! The best way to keep conference blues at bay

    performance design clean-code testing rxjava ui doze kotlin androidauto games androidtv wearable app droidconuk droidcon-bytes ux firebase vr reactive ai security datascience android java mobile
  • Elixir London

    This is a meetup for everyone interested in Elixir.

    elixir devops
  • Elm London

    Elm London group for the users of the Elm programming language. We organise discussions, talks and hack-days to learn more about Elm projects, techniques & cool ideas.

    elm functional-reactive-programming functional-programming
  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance London

    This meetup is for anyone interested in or using Ethereum blockchain technology in the enterprise.

    enterprise smart-contacts security blockchain bigdata ethereum
  • eSynergy Solutions

    eSynergy Solutions specialise in Open Source & Cloud resourcing.

    architecture iot devops cloud security open-source
  • Flutter London

    Flutter is a new mobile app framework that helps you rapidly build expressive, brand-driven apps that run across iOS and Android. Flutter hits the sweet spot of native performance, native look and feel, access to native APIs and cross-platform...

    droidcon strongly-typed framework dart flutter londroid ios android app-development mobile
  • Free Code Camp

    We are a local group for an open source community that helps you learn to code. We are open to whoever wants to learn with FreeCodeCamp which currently focuses on full stack JavaScript development. We organise regular meet-ups to...

    mongodb js node.js reactjs jquery css bootstrap expressjs angularjs javascript
  • FsharpX Bytes

    A monthly meetup to celebrate F# eXchange and the fascinating and fun topics for the F# community to learn and share about! This is an opportunity for F# developers to meet and discover skills.

    fsharpx fsharpx-bytes fsharp microservices
  • FullStack Bytes

    A monthly meetup with speakers and topics from FullStackCon!

    fullstack angular ux polymer angular2 espruino tessel css3 es6 backend frontend redux react typescript fullstack-bytes fullstackconf node vr json iot javascript
  • Full Stack Quants

    We bring together the community of mathematically-minded folk to share ideas, knowledge and to learn from each other. The emphasis is on technologies and techniques that make it easier than ever to build numerical applications. Different from the...

    quants finance mathematics data-science javascript
  • F#unctional Londoners Meetup Group

    F#unctional Londoners is a newly launched meetup group that aims to bring together Londoners with an interest in functional programming with F#.

    functional-londoners fsharp f# functional-programming
  • GDG Cloud London

    Google Developer Group (GDG) Cloud London is a non-profit community of cloud developers with a focus on machine learning. We are run by developers for developers with an emphasis on learning and sharing in a friendly casual atmosphere.

    tensorflow firebase google-cloud kubernetes cloud machine-learning
  • GDG: Google Developer Group

    We're a London-based non-profit developers group to learn, share and discover more about Google's evolving technologies and APIs.

    google google-apps google-maps google-glass google-analytics android
  • GO London User Group

    The Go London User Group is a London-based community for anyone who is interested in the Go programming language, especially beginners.

    glug go golang
  • GraphQL London

    Welcome to our community. We love GraphQL. Join us!

    graphql go data-services data-query-language opensource scala php python data-science mobile javascript
  • HaskellX Bytes

    A monthly meetup including topics from Haskell eXchange! This is an opportunity for Haskellers to meet, learn and share skills.

    types monads haskell haskellx haskell-bytes functional-programming functional
  • InfiniteConf Bytes

    Interested in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Join this monthly meetup with speakers and topics from InfiniteConf!

    artificial-intelligence ml infiniteconf infiniteconf-bytes data-analytics ai datascience data-visualization big-data machine-learning bigdata
  • Intuit Developer

    At Intuit Developer, our mission is to help entrepreneurs and developers build solutions for the millions of small businesses worldwide. The QuickBooks Online platform has open APIs that give you direct access to small business data so you can...

    api developers functional
  • iOSCon Bytes

    Are you interested in keeping up to date with what's going on in iOS and Swift? Join in with Skills Matter's own meetup group: iOSCon Bytes! The meetup that celebrates iOSCon!

    mobile-tech mobile-apps carekit researchkit tvos ioscon apple swiftlang bytes ioscon-bytes swift ios mobile

    This is a group for anyone interested in iOS Development and Design. All skill levels are welcome.

    augmentedreality computerprogramming independantappdevelopers swift ios mobile
  • IoT Engineers London

    Our meetups will focus on the challenges facing Hardware and IoT Engineers today. Come hear from top IoT professionals about their successes, failures, best practices, and lessons learned. Every talk will have dedicated time to promote an open...

    dataanalytics productdevelopment hardware iot bigdata
  • Istio London Meetup

    Get together with like-minded engineers to discuss Istio: an open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices.

    envoy c++ golang encryption network-security software-defined-networking docker kubernetes security microservices
  • JBoss User Group

    JBoss User Group (JBUG) London is a group of people who share a common interest in JBoss software.

    jboss java
  • JS Monthly

    For the past 4 years JS Monthly has been helping JavaScript developers stay up to date with the latest news and technologies from around the world. We hold monthly events which cover a broad spectrum of subjects in a friendly environment.

    node webvr progressive-web-apps reactive functional-programming javascript
  • Kubernetes london

    Kubernetes is an open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts, providing basic mechanisms for deployment, maintenance, and scaling of applications.

    kubernetes schedulers containers devops
  • LDNUG: London .NET User Group

    The London .NET user group was etablished in 2002 to provide developers developers working with Microsoft's .NET framework with access to the latest and best information. At our monthly meetings you can hear expert speakers who dig 'under...

    .net c# csharp f#
  • Lean IT Meetup London

    Lean IT Meet-up is targeted at IT Leaders aiming to "upgrade" their organisation and their management in line with new technologies and new approaches to deliver IT. The meet-up is also aimed at practitioners of Lean and Agile and will...

    leanit agility change agile agile-project-management lean
  • Linuxing In London

    Linuxing in London is the place for all things Linux*. It is an initiative to explore everything related to Linux from the server, to the desktop, the IoT, the Cloud, and beyond.

    server linux iot cloud
  • LJC: London Java Community

    The LJC is the Java User Group in London. It has over 3000 members has been meeting at Skills Matter since 2007, was founded by Barry Cranford and is organised by a committee of passionate Java Enthusiasts.

    spring jvm scala clojure java
  • London Business Analytics Group

    The London Business Analytics Group is a community data and analytics interest group. We started in July 2014 and have organised over 20 events. Previous talks have included data visualisation, exotic patterns in data, big data in personalised...

    visual data-analytics functional
  • London Chaos Engineering Community

    This is a local London meetup group for anyone interested in, or even practicing, the Chaos Engineering discipline. We meet to discuss Chaos Engineering practices, its tools and, most importantly, how to get the most value out of actually doing...

    new-technology network network-architecture architecture microservices
  • London Data Science Journal Club

    Keeping up with the latest research is important for the data scientist so let's work on this together. Each week or two, we will choose one or more articles to read and meet up to discuss them. This group is open to data scientists of any...

    distributed-database database-design databases datascience
  • London Dev Community

    Join a dynamic community of over 1000 London programmers & software developers and get a chance to network with like-minded people and learn about new industry trends. Come along to one of our monthly meetups and hear industry experts talk...

    computer-science functional
  • London Django Meetup Group

    The London Django Meetup Group is a social meetup, who regularly hold a gathering the 2nd Tuesday of each month. The meetups are an occasion for all, you don't have to be a veteran Django developer, although an interest in Django and web...

    #django #python
  • London HalfStack

    The London HalfStack is London's largest group of Ajax, JavaScript, and HTML5 developers. Started in 2010, the group has events at least once a month to discuss all things interesting in the desktop and mobile web world. Meetups, panels,...

    ajax front-end halfstack javascript html5
  • London JavaScript Community

    This is a group for all the JavaScript developers that are interested to learn more about JavaScript, share development experiences or techniques and why not, find new friends to share our passion!

    angularjs nodejs open-source javascript
  • London Julia Users Group

    Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing, with syntax that is familiar to users of other technical computing environments. Want to show what you are working on? Questions to ask? Want to meet...

    programming-languages r open-source
  • London Microsoft DevOps

    A group for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps professionals in London, who are interested the Lean and Agile Software Development using tools an technologies such as Visual Studio, the Azure Cloud, Team Foundation Server (TFS),...

    container continous-integration bdd tdd agile-testing devops cloud agile-development
  • London PostgreSQL Users Group

    London PostgreSQL User Group is formed in 2017, by the PostgreSQL community members. We will organize regular meetups, to create more interaction with the PostgreSQL users in London.

    postgresql datamanagement databasedevelopment database opensource bigdata
  • London Progressive Web Apps

    web-standards education mobile-technology web-development pwa user-experience open-source javascript
  • London Quantum Computing

    The London Quantum Computing meetup hosts regular talks on quantum computing and also provides opportunities for scientists, entrepreneurs and investors involved in the field to network and learn from each other.

    quantum quantum-computing ai machine-learning data bigdata
  • London Scala Users Group

    Come and meet other software developers interested in the Scala programming language in the London area. Talks are normally held at Skills Matter on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

    scala functional-programming functional
  • London Software Craftsmanship Community

    We are a community of aspiring software craftsmen. The difference between good software and great software is the people that create it. Great programmers are continually learning and continually improving. The craftsmanship idea embodies this...

    software-architect software-development software-craftsmanship software-engineering
  • London SQL Server User Group

    UK SQL Server User Group based in the London area aimed at enthusiasts looking to learn more about all things SQL Server related. "Network, learn, ask a question, meet other folk, get fed - these are all things that happen at user group...

    sql databases
  • London Tech Ladies

    This Lean In Circle is for Women in Technology. A group originally started with women who were colleagues at eBay and grew to include various London Tech Ladies.

    agile-processes leadership project-management agile-development
  • London Unreal Engine

    A friendly get-together for people interested in Epic's Unreal Engine. We'll have a couple of talks, presentations and some social time afterwards for discussions.

    unreal-engine game-development video-game-design independent-game-development vr mobile
  • London Women in Bitcoin

    Rhian Lewis and Magda Loch founded London Women in Bitcoin in 2014 to provide a friendly space for women to meetup to discuss and learn more about cryptocurrencies. Neha Murarka joined in the summer of 2015 and together, we have been trying to...

    cryptography cryptographic-algorithms blockchain bitcoin
  • London μServices (Microservices) User Group

    The Architectural Monolith’s days are numbered. As companies are becoming more and more agile, and see how they can now adapt in order to innovate and compete faster than their competition, software development teams are being forced to maintain...

    software-craftsmanship devops microservices
  • Londroid: The London Android User Group

    Founded after it's 2007 unveiling , the London Android User Group has since met monthly to discuss how the community can continually push the Android platform into its interconnected future. We care about technology and Androids place in...

    londroid jvm interactive-tv google-tv android java mobile
  • LRUG: London Ruby User Group

    LRUG is the London Ruby User Group; a community of ruby developers based in and around London. We meet up at least once a month; on the 2nd Wednesday of the month we have meetings with talks, demos and such-like and then we have pub-based meetups...

    ruby lrug rails ruby-on-rails
  • muCon Bytes

    muCon Bytes groups meets to learn and share skills and ideas on Microservices.

    architecture mucon mucon-bytes reactive microservices
  • Neo4J User Group

    We host hands-on lab sessions, technology reviews, topical lectures, and plenty of social nights. Curious about graphs, want to pimp your non-RDBMS skills? Join us!

    neo4j databases graph-databases datascience
  • Open Collective

    Open Collective enables open source projects to receive funds and disburse them transparently. We are a group of people with a shared mission: Sustaining Open Source.

    openfinances opensource agile-project-management sustainability
  • Pentaho London User Group

    The Pentaho London Usergroup ( PLUG ) has been reformed, now with support directly from Pentaho. We meet to find out the latest goings on with the Pentaho stack, and also to discuss and learn about related technologies.

    kettle etl mdx mysql olap pentaho json oracle xml java javascript
  • Power AI London

    PowerAI London is a group for Data Scientists, Developers and Business people who are interested in Machine Learning, using Open Source tools on IBM's technology. Whether you're just getting started, or if you're looking to build...

    machinelearning opensource bigdata
  • Power BI Meetup Group

    Power BI is the new service from Microsoft that is creating a real buzz in the analytics and business intelligence community. Business users can get data from almost any source, visualise it and share their insights. It also has great power under...

    powerbi data-analytics datascience
  • Project Data and Analytics

    Welcome to the Project Data and Analytics meetup. We created this meet up to share best practice on leveraging data within a project, programme and portfolio environment. We all know that data has the potential to transform how projects,...

    project-data data-analytics data bigdata
  • Raspberry Pint

    Meet up over a pint and meet other makers, technologists, educators and people-in-sheds engaged in using or simply interested in the new wave of affordable and accessible technology led by the Raspberry Pi. We are a community formed to inspire the...

    raspberry-pi hardware linux arduino iot open-source javascript
  • Redis London

    Community to Discuss and Learn about Redis and its use cases.

    database fastdata opensource nosql bigdata
  • Rust London User Group

    The London based user group for the Rust programming language. Rust is a systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety.

    rlug rustlang
  • ScalaX Bytes

    Want to hear the discover the latest technologies and ideas in Scala? Like to learn and share skills with fellow Scala engineers? Then join us at ScalaX Bytes, our monthly meetup, to meet some of the worlds leading experts sharing their insights...

    scala scalax reactive spark dotti play akka scalax-bytes functional machine-learning
  • Scrum Event

    We are a user group of Scrum advocates who wish to promote the Agile and Scrum values within the community and beyond. Leveraging the knowledge of industry experts, our objective is to support people where we can. But only when they are ready to...

    scrum agile scrum-alliance coaching xp agile-project-management
  • Skills Matter In The Brain

    Our In The Brain sessions offer a unique insight into the minds of the world's foremost experts on bleeding-edge technologies and practices. By attending an In The Brain talk, not only will you get to hear the latest news and developments, but...

    containers ai devops microservices machine-learning
  • Smart Textiles and Robotics

    This meetup brings together experts from various sectors such as the textile industry, crafts experts and researchers of interest within the areas of robotics, medical devices and wearables. The aim is to create an ongoing forum for knowledge...

    smart-textiles wearables wearable-technology robotics iot javascript
  • Study of Enterprise Agility Meet-up (SEAM)

    SEAM is a new monthly meet-up focussing on Enterprise Agility, new ways of working which enable enterprises to offer value and opportunity to their customers. Naturally there is a significant focus on technology although it is in the context of...

    lean application-development devops cloud security sustainability user-experience
  • Swift London

    Apple has announced Swift, a new programming language that will replace the venerable Objective-C. This group is for iOS and OS X developers of all abilities who want to learn how to use it, and disco.

    iphone swift ios xcode cocoa objective-c mobile
  • Symfony UK

    We're a London community of Symfony developers committed to take PHP to the next level. Join us to deepen your Symfony knowledge, share your experience, or most importantly - meet other developers using the framework! Most of our meetups...

    symfony php
  • Tech Speakers London

    This is a group for software professionals and technology lovers who want to overcome the fear of public speaking, improve their speaking skills or practice coaching and mentoring in a friendly environment.

    team-practices presentation-skills public-speaking agile-development
  • The London Clojure Community

    We are people who live in London and are interested in programming in Clojure.

    clojure functional-programming emacs functional
  • The London Python Group

    Are you using python professionally? That's the group for you.

    python datascience software-engineering microservices
  • Udacity Friends London

    android data-analysis data-science java mobile-application app-development mobile machine-learning data bigdata
  • UK DB2 LUW Usergroup

    This is the UK DB2 LUW Usergroup, a place for DB2 Users, Experts, Speakers and those interested in the product to meetup and share knowledge, experience, ideas and thoughts. In this current IT World products are moving faster, constant learning is...

    open-source no-sql data-mining data-visualization big-data machine-learning data bigdata
  • WebGL Workshop London

    An after work hours WebGL workshop, where developers of mixed abilities can work through code samples (e.g. from an appropriate text book such as "WebGL Up and Running"), the aim being to provide each other with insight and mutual...

    javascript html5 webgl
  • Women in Blockchain

    Calling all women interested in learning and creating applications on the blockchain. All skills levels are welcome as its more fun learning together.

    blockchain data bitcoin bigdata ethereum