Alan Furlong

Expert Overview

Alan Furlong (MBA, BA Hons, Cert Pos Psych) is the co-founder of Sherpa People Systems, a company that is focused on executing ‘people science’ interventions to improve all human aspects of Agile Leadership, Agile Teams and Agile culture. He has been a HR, Training, Sales and Marketing professional, Entrepreneur and Training Company founder. He has worked in Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • With his previous business partner, he has built two successful seven-figure start up companies. One focused primarily on on-line learning and the second, focused on developing cloud-based small business performance dashboards.
  • In his previous corporate role he was responsible for the people aspects of over 1,800 staff in a large financial institution and was a key senior leader, helping to transform under-performing business units, supporting large acquisitions and coaching senior banking executives.
  • Alan is accredited in Positive Psychology studying with Tal Ben Shahar from Harvard University, world leading Positive Psychologist.
  • He has coached/mentored hundreds of successful entrepreneurs as well as some of the most powerful names in financial services.
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Talks I've Given