Expert Overview

Alberto started working with SQL Server in 2000 and immediately focused his interest in the Business

Intelligence area. He and Marco Russo created the, where they publish their thoughts and topics

about BI.

He published several books about SSAS Tavìbular, Multidimensional and Power Pivot. He is a Microsoft MVP

and he achieved the SSAS Maestro title, the highest level of certification on Microsoft SSAS technology.

Today, his main activities are in the delivery of DAX, and SSAS Tabular workshops all around the world,

consulting on large and complex data warehouses, to provide assessments and validation of project analysis or

to perform specific problem-solving activities.

He is a well-known speaker at many international conferences, like SQL PASS, SQL Bits, Teched and he loves to

be on the stage both at large events and at smaller user groups meetings, exchanging ideas with other SQL and

BI fans.

Things I'm Doing
Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given