Alejandro Serrano Mena

Next speaking on 5th July 2021 in Online Event, at Haskell Fundamentals (2-Day Course) with Alejandro Serrano

Expert Overview

Alejandro Serrano serves as a Senior Software Engineer at 47 Degrees, where he devotes his time to Haskell training and the development of Open Source projects for the Haskell ecosystem. Previously, he held several teaching and research positions at Utrecht University, where he obtained a Ph.D. in Software Technology (on the attractive-sounding topic of “error messages for compilers”).

Alejandro has a strong background in training functional programmers, as a speaker, lecturer, and through his books “Practical Haskell” and “The Book of Monads.” He also contributes to the Haskell community by proposing extensions and new libraries and serving on the GHC Steering Committee.

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