Alex Eagle

Expert Overview

Having worked on Bazel-adjacent systems at Google for 10 years, Alex is passionate about maximizing developer productivity via toolchain ergonomics, refined developer experience, and expert tooling.

As a world-class Bazel expert, Alex is well known throughout the Bazel community. He has presented on Bazel, Angular, and Google Cloud Platform at conferences such as AngularMIX, ng-conf, and BazelCon.

Since graduating magna cum laude in computer science from Harvard in 2001, Alex has made important contributions to open source and Bazel, including:

  • migrating the Angular project to TypeScript.
  • making TypeScript an official Google language.
  • migrating Angular to Build&Test with Bazel
  • adding JavaScript support to the Bazel build tool, which allowed development of Web and Node.js server apps.

    While working at Google, Alex wrote the Angular support used both internally and publicly and wrote the public version of JavaScript plugin (rules), including Node.js runtime, TypeScript compilation, and serving and testing integration. Alex also led Google-scale infrastructure to run continuous integration for nearly all Google projects and GUI to show all build and test results.

    In his free time, Alex enjoys hiking through the redwoods and making pancake breakfasts for his family.
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Talks I've Given