Expert Overview

Alexei is a generalist software engineer who is passionate about composable and scalable approaches to all stages of software engineering, as well as open-source advocacy.

Coming from a diverse background of full-stack web applications and nuclear accelerator control systems, Alexei has a wide overview of the state of affairs in the tech world. Displeased with this state, often tripping over problems long solved, he found his way to Haskell, Rust, Nix, and NixOS, which re-ignited his love for technology, especially open-source software.

In addition to tackling technical challenges, he is equally at home with the sometimes even trickier challenge of building and maintaining happy teams, with a focus on good communication and empathy. He feels happiest in companies that value people above all else; and Tweag is such a company!

When not on the clock, Alexei enjoys applying his collaborative problem solving skills in the kitchen, likes to pester people with a camera, and is a notorious board game hoarder.

Things I'm Doing
Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given