Andreas Herrmann

Expert Overview

Andreas is a physicist turned software engineer. He leads the Bazel team, and maintains Tweag's open source Bazel rule sets and the capability package. He is passionate about functional programming, and hermetic and reproducible builds. He lives in Zurich and is active in the local Haskell community. Andreas studied physics at ETH Zurich and specialized on computational physics for his PhD at University of Fribourg on strongly correlated materials in non-equilibrium.

While computational physics is heavy on C++, Fortran, and Python, it was this time where he found his passion for Haskell and Nix. Software has been a strong interest for Andreas from early on and after his time in academia he decided to work in the industry as a software engineer.

At Tweag Andreas has worked as a software engineer on various projects involving Haskell, Scala, Nix, Bazel, and more. He now leads the Bazel team and maintains several of Tweag's open source projects including its Bazel rule sets.

Outside of work Andreas contributes to the Haskell community in Zurich, right now as the president of the Zurich Friends of Haskell which organizes ZuriHac. He enjoys learning about programming languages, travelling, hiking, and spending time with his family.

Other Tweagers appreciate Andreas as an excellent, friendly engineer with a sense of diligence and great attention to detail. Talking to Andreas will likely solve your problems but also lift your mood!

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Talks I've Given