Expert Overview

Andrew is a Senior Data Scientist at Elastacloud, a Data Science and Cloud Architecture consultancy with offices in London, Nottingham, and Spain. Before joining Elastacloud, Andrew has completed a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and spent 2 1/2 years working as an academic researcher at the University of Nottingham, where he developed his passion for data, statistics and machine learning.

Andrew has led and delivered data science projects across a diverse set of industries such as energy, education, data governance, and retail. From developing the business understanding to the deployment of machine learning models, Andrew has extensive experience of the whole data science life cycle. Well versed in R, Python, PySpark, Databricks, and Azure ML, he has developed and productionised machine learning models using varied technologies.

Andrew is a keen follower of developments in the Data Science community, attending and presenting at local and national meetup groups, most recently talking about the productionisation of machine learning models at Leeds Data Science Meetup.

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Talks I've Given