Andrew Sorensen

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Andrew is an international keynote speaker, academic, performer, educator, computer scientist and software craftsman with over 20 years of industry experience. With a diverse portfolio of interests, Andrew is as likely to be found hacking code in nightclubs as programming computational physics simulations on high performance computing clusters.

Andrew has worked on a number of world-first projects and is known internationally for both his innovative designs as well as his technical expertise.  This combination of skills makes him ideally suited to finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

In particular, Andrew is known around the world not just for designing and implementing the Extempore programming language but also for the interesting things that he builds with it.

Andrew has a wealth of experience designing, building and delivering enterprise solutions across a wide range of corporate, scientific, academic and creative sectors. This experience ranges from robotic telescopes to financial systems, digital signal processing to game engines, particle-in-cell simulations to line-of-business applications, and (almost) everything in-between.

Andrew's broad background enables him to rapidly assimilate new domains, and as a former CTO Andrew has the experience and skills to communicate across the enterprise, from domain experts to the executive team. 

As a Senior Research Fellow in the Computer Science department at the Queensland University of Technology Andrew convened courses in High Performance Computing and Enterprise Systems.  

Andrew holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Australian National University, as well as a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music, both from the Queensland University of Technology.

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Talks I've Given