Barry Jay

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Associate Professor
University of Technology Sydney

Associate Professor Barry Jay is a member of the School of Software and the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Technology, Sydney. He obtained his BSc (Hons, pure mathematics) from the University of Sydney (1980) and his PhD (mathematics) from McGill University, Montreal (1984). He learned about computing as a senior research fellow at the Laboratory for the Foundations of Computer Science in Edinburgh before moving to UTS in 1993.

His research focuses on calculi for computation, and their realisation in new programming languages that stretch the functional programming paradigm in unexpected ways. His most recent language was bondi, which realises the pattern calculus (Springer 2009). Since then he has developed novel combinatory calculi that support program analysis as part of a general account of intensional computation.

He teaches research students how to organise their thoughts, one paragraph at a time.

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Talks I've Given