Next speaking on 6th November 2017 in London, at µCon London 2017: The Microservices Conference

I started developing Java more than 15 years ago, when the world was still 3-tiered using ACID-Transactions. In my consulting coureer I coached countless real-life software projects and helped many many customers to implement business logic centered around long running processes, for example the order process of the rapid growing start-up Zalando, which sells clothes worldwide, or the provisioning process for e.g. SIM cards at a couple of big telecommunication companies. During that time I contributed to various Open Source workflow engines. I am also co-founder of Camunda, an Open Source company very succesful in this field. Currently I am totally enthusiastic about how business processes will be implemented in next generation architectures, and how this fit in cleanly designed domain driven systems.

Bernd tweets at @berndruecker and his GitHub can be found here.

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