Chaitanya Kuber

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Head of Engineering, Demand

Chaitanya is a technology leader with a passion for empowering teams to build customer-centric products. He has built and scaled teams with microservices as the basis, to bring increased resilience and enhanced scalability to the platform and the team. This has enabled deep domain ownership, reduced time to market, and above all, teams with a strong culture of autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Chaitanya has worked across several problem domains and in various roles at successful startups like BigCommerce and Hey You. At Hey You, he built the engineering team that helped launch the new brand and scaled the platform. He pioneered a planning process across all functions of the business that provided great agility and unification of purpose. Engineering @ Expedia is all about scale and here he is on the journey from Monolith to microservices as Director of Engineering with the Flights Team.

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Talks I've Given