Chris Howe-Jones

Expert Overview

Chris is a Master Technical Navigator who has steered many a ship through the stormy waters of IT without floundering on the rocks of cancelled budgets or the whirlpool of scope creep.

He started sailing through software (programming) at the knee of his father writing BASIC on a PDP8, progressed to FORTRAN. He spent many years in the backwaters of COBOL before self learning to sail through Java, 19 years ago and, over the last 18 months, Clojure (with short forays into the white waters of C++). He has recently been dipping a toe in the great Python river.

During his meanderings through the oceans of software development he progressed from Galley Slave (Junior Programmer) via Purser (Project/Programme Manager) to ships master (Software Architect) and Captain (CTO). During a voyage of over 25 years he has visited the continents of Government and Banking and landed on the shores of small islands in the Start Up archipelago.

He has spent over 8 years as a Pilot (Consultant) steering Software Delivery Vessels for various ship owners and has over 18 years of experience in cartography (Agile/Lean process improvement).

His moto is “Don’t sail close to the wind & make sure you have a good crew on board."

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