Christina Zeller

Expert Overview

Christina enjoys diversity in her life which makes her work as a creator of mobile games in Haskell for Android and iOS at Keera Studios a perfect match. The start-up gives her the opportunity to be part of the complete life cycle of the apps (e.g., game and graphics design, programming, profiling, testing, marketing) while enjoying the freedom of working wherever and whenever she wants---for example at the sunny Spanish beach at 8 am.

Her background in educational science, psychology and computer science, and her experience as a research and teaching assistant in the area of cognitive science is an inspiring source for creating apps. Recently, she complements this background with photography and volunteering at an Impact Hub.

Among her recent goals are:

  • the investigation and discussion of Haskell in real world applications.

  • the creation of beautiful games (in programming and player perspective).

  • the education with games in a natural, positive and playful way.

  • making the world a better place.

Things I'm Doing
Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given