Daniel Draper

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CEO and Founder

Daniel is a passionate technologist and an Entrepreneur. He has been cutting code since he was 10 but has always had a penchant for business and commercialisation.

For most of Daniel's career, he has been either a founder or worked in the leadership team of startups. Daniel understands the highs and lows of building businesses and the tech and product teams that support them.

Daniel's current venture, CipherStash is the culmination of many years leading dev teams and the ever increasing need to manage customer data securely. Based on recent advances in searchable encryption technology, CipherStash is a new data-storage platform that keeps data encrypted at all times while still providing the search capability to which developers have become accustomed.

Daniel is also a fervent believer in the need for representation in tech. Diverse teams tend to significantly outperform other teams and it is also important that the people building technology represent those who use it. As the Executive Producer for Debugging Diversity, he hopes to champion the change needed in tech to diversify the workforce and to make tech accessible to everyone.

Follow Dan on LinkedIn here and on Twitter at @danieldraper.

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