Expert Overview

I'm Daniel Torok, I'm a senior backend developer with some sysadmin background. I like to work in a team, coding, testing, getting projects done. At the same time I also like to think about big, challenging problems, analyzing them, taking them apart and figuring out not just the long term solution, but also the path that takes us to that direction with giving value all over the way, from the very first step.

I've been working at Prezi for more than 4 years, during those years we changed our architecture from one django application running on physical machines to bunch of small services running on virtual machines at AWS. We faced all the typical microservices-related problem and figured out the solutions that matched our needs the best. Obviously we are far from finished, as the company and the architecture grows more and more problems come to the surface, part of my job is to have a proper plan to minimize the risk and eliminate the pain of those problems.

In my spare time I either work or play the piano, but I also try to spend with my family as much time as I can.

I tweet at @danisoft.

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Talks I've Given