David Thrane Christiansen

Expert Overview

Executive Director, Haskell Foundation

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR David Thrane Christiansen has a background in software development and academic research. In academia, he worked on the boundary between advanced functional programming languages and metaprogramming, and implemented much of the interactive programming environment for Idris 1. In industry, he has worked on domain-specific languages for the financial sector at Deon Digital and tools for software verification and security at Galois. Throughout, he has worked as much as possible on making languages and ideas accessible, fun, and easy to get started with. Together with Daniel P. Friedman, David is a co-author of The Little Typer, an introductory book on dependent type theory.

In addition to Haskell, David has significant experience with Racket, Kotlin, Idris, Python, and PHP. He is very interested in seeing what the Haskell community can learn from other communities of practice, and facilitating cross-pollination of ideas.

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