Douglas English

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Founder and VP of Engineering
Culture Amp

I spent the first decade of my professional career climbing the corporate ladder in consulting companies and large financial institutions. At a certain point I found myself in the unenviable position of not enjoying my job, but for the first time in my career having the foresight to realise I would enjoy my boss's job even less! Pub drinking sessions with a friend moved from complaining to imagining what ifs, and before we knew it we'd both agreed to quit and try our hand at building a startup. 2 companies and 3 failed products later I've found myself now riding the fast growth tech company journey we first imagined, and loving (almost!) every minute of it. Along the way I've met and collaborated with some amazingly smart and passionate people, learned a whole heap of new languages, approaches and business domains, and broadened my knowledge far beyond technology into the realms of marketing, sales, finance, and business development.

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Talks I've Given