Dr Samara Banno

Expert Overview

Dr Samara Banno holds a PhD in statistical machine learning and AI from UK, her speciality in automated decision making systems.

She has developed various intelligent system projects in education and health. Currently she is a research fellow working with Daphne Jackson Trust organisation to develop an intelligent diagnosis model aims to detect the early stages of peoples’ memory deterioration (Dementia and Alzheimer).

Further, she is a member of the steering group of Women Leading in AI (WLiAI) organisation working as Researcher in data ethics focusing on the legal and ethical aspects of AI and automated decision system. Recently she has joined the IEEE P7003 standard group where the algorithmic bias identification and mitigation processes described in this standard are constructed to be consistent with the IEEE P70xx series of standards developed as part of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

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Talks I've Given