Erin Boyd

Expert Overview

Erin Boyd has been part of the Emerging Technology group at Red Hat for 3 years. Her current position is exploring and improving storage in Kubernetes & OpenShift. Prior to this position Erin worked as a committer to the Apache Ambari project to integrate Hadoop Compatible file systems for Big Data. Before working at Red Hat she worked at IBM for 13 years doing various analytics, integration services and embedded software development.

Things I'm Doing
Talks I've Given

Talks I've Given

  • Kubernetes Storage 101

    Featuring Erin Boyd

    You have deployed your application on Kube and now you want to actually do something permanent with it?? You will need STORAGE. This talk with be a good introduction to using storage in Kubernetes. It will cover the use of EmptyDir, HostPath and Persistent Storage options. How to configure and...