Fiona Austin

Expert Overview

Fiona Austin is a Positive Psychologist with credentials that span print and broadcast journalism to psychotherapy; the threads between them being the questions asked and truly listening to a person’s story. Humming in the background for Fiona has been an longtime involvement with tech. Starting with the era of high velocity information transfer … on a floppy disc and being fired from a record company for trying to introduce the considered ‘faddish’ use of eMail and the Internet!

Her success as a #femalefounder has been in applying her psychological perspectives to improve usability and understanding both on the web and inside social media.

Fiona’s core interests are in the reduction of modern day dependancies, anxieties and their associated concerns such as stress, social, and insomnia. Her clients have benefited from her particular expertise with increased confidence, increasing calm and elimination of fears. Fiona also has a specific branch of therapy called Nature Sense - which is about going outside to heal inside. Here she deconstructs ‘normal’ therapy by taking things outside in walk and talk sessions. This is not just for adults and is especially good with ADHD, Stress and Anxiety. Nature Sense plays a large part in realising technical dependancy and it’s related addiction.


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